On abuses, coincidences and eye surgery

The Times
Thursday, August 25, 2011
The eye specialist (ophthalmologist Franco Mercieca)said he has had to cancel about seven operations every Monday. He called on Gozo Channel to help him work efficiently and give him back the priority boarding pass that was withdrawn about five months ago.


This leads to an “only in Malta” situation where Gozitan patients are given the privilege to jump the queue only to have their operations cancelled because their very own surgeon isn’t given the same opportunity. Ridiculous!

In other discussions on the web the impression was given that Mr Mercieca is complaining and expecting some type of preferential treatment never heard of before.

However, and here I quote from the same article referred to above:

Mr Mercieca explained that he had a priority boarding pass until March when it was withdrawn by Gozo Channel. He was told the passes were being taken away because there had been cases of abuse.

“I’m sure there were such cases… but I’m the only Gozitan surgeon who works in Malta… They’re not allowing me to get to work on time to get the surgeries done at Mater Dei and then they are paying to have (cataract) surgeries done privately. It’s ridiculous,” he said.


Some food for thought here.
So Mr Mercieca did have a priority boarding pass.
And somehow this was withdrawn.
Last March.
Because there had been cases of abuse.

We never heard anything on the local news about priority boarding passes being withdrawn due to cases of abuse.

I searched the entire web for anything related to abuse of priority boarding passes on the Gozo Channel, Mr Mercieca and the month of March 2011.
The only search result I got was this:

Sunday, March 13, 2011
Gozitan eye-specialist Franco Mercieca approached to run on Labour ticket

During an interview with Sunday weekly paper Illum Mercieca, one of the leading eye doctors of the country also backed by robust experience gleaned from working abroad, maintains he is headed into politics – and expects to ventually emerge from it – as a “man of integrity.”


What an unbelievable coincidence! That Mr Mercieca’s transit from Malta to Gozo to perform eye surgery had to be inconvenienced exactly during the same period when he was approached and accepted to run on the Labour ticket!

Veru ta’ barra minn hawn, hux?


I’m very positive that the present government has the interests of the Maltese population at heart (especially those in the astronomically long queue for eye cataract operations at Mater Dei) so much that it would endeavour to solve this, uhm,  “coincidental inconvenience” as soon as possible.


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One response to “On abuses, coincidences and eye surgery

  1. Didi


    A Gozitan surgeon may have to cancel operations because he cannot jump the ferry queue at rush hour, but senior politicians, the chief justice and ambassadors are on a long list of people permitted to drive straight onto the ferry without queuing – even if they are simply heading to Gozo for a break.

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