Is describing someone as “humble” a praise (Lou) or an insult (DCG)?

I’m waiting for DCG’s next blog,  expressing herself all out and condemning Lou  for daring to describe Dr. Fenech Adami as a humble person.

Why, you might ask?
For DCG to call someone “humble” isn’t a praise but an insult. That’s the reason.

And I quote:  “What sort of praise is that (humble)? It’s an insult, not a compliment. To call her humble is to demean her, to make her small, to make out that she thinks little of herself.”

Now grammar and vocabulary don’t change according to circumstances as far as I know. Neither should they change whether the subject of the sentence is male or female.

The only difference here is gender. So describing a woman as “humble” is an insult, whereas describing her spouse as “humble” is praise?

Even the most confused of minds could never conjure this up!

Using DCG’s way of categorising people:
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who has the lowest I.Q. of them all?”


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