On I.Q., in-breeding, tal-Muzew, Elves, and DNA

I wonder if anyone’s qualified enough to classify why half this country’s population is classified by the Nationalist Party as ‘having a low I.Q’., being ‘in-bred’,  and deserving to be described as ‘elves’? Especially when all persons qualified as such happen to have preferences for the opposing political party? And even when especially such political opponent is not even in government? How eager is the present government to grasp the straw before drowning? At least they should spend their energy to find words of praise for what the present government has done. I wonder why they haven’t done so yet. And I’m unsure whether I should LOL or cry…..
Attacking the opposition party is pointless. The party in opposition isn’t governing the country. Hello? HELLO? Anybody home? This time I’m sure I should not only LOL but ROTFLMAO.

All hell was raised when a member of parliament (who happens to be of the political party in question) once mentioned that Nationalists must have ‘blue’ DNA in their blood.

So why hasn’t all hell been raised when Labour supporters are described as having a low I.Q. or of being “tal-Muzew” i.e. ultra-fervent Catholics? Even more surprisingly when in the same breath Labour supporters are accused of being “tal-Muzew”  they are at the same time attacked for…. guess what……. “mocking catholics”

Certain bloggers should be careful what they write. They cannot allege that the PL is “ma’ Alla, u max-xitan” in the same breath. It makes no sense mates, not even for people who unfortunately really have a very very low intelligence quotient……….

I’m pretty sure nobody can prove that the Maltese Labour Party ever mocked Catholics, or any other religion for that matter.

So, who’s up to the challenge?
I might set up a prize challenge for the winner.


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