Why 7 months later?

“Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said today that during his talks in Tripoli last February he had sought a deal for Malta to buy gas from Libya at the same preferential rates given to Italy.Speaking in a PBS interview, Dr Gonzi said the government had hoped to strike the deal with a view to using the gas for the power station once it was converted to use gas. During that visit Dr Gonzi had met Muammar Gaddafi and then Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi.”

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The Times of Malta.

1.    Why did the PM “reveal” the subject of his talks with Gaddafi only now, 7 long months later? It’s not that he had anything to be ashamed of. So why hide it? Why hadn’t he said that he was hoping to strike a great deal for the country then?

2.    Where did Dr Gonzi plan to store all that gas had Gaddafi agreed to his ‘alleged suggestions’ last February? The power station using heavy fuel oil hasn’t even been built yet, let alone having its machinery and engineering converted from using heavy fuel oil to gas……….


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