“Fairy-godmother, please make my dreams come true” – Austin Gatt

The people will trust the Nationalist Party once again in the next election, and again for at least another 20 years, Investment Minister Austin Gatt said this evening.

Speaking during a discussion on the Granaries in Floriana, held as part of Independence Day activities, Dr Gatt said that this government had invested in technology and in young people.

The president of Microsoft International had announced that a research centre on cloud computing would be opening in Malta.

“Cloud computing is the future. Internet as we know it will finish. Software licences and software as we know it will not be around anymore and everything will change once again.”

The PN will win all elections for at least 20 years because it has always invested in people.

“This is the secret of the Nationalist Party.

“We have confidence in people… we open roads and we take political risks to do so. That is why we are criticised because we have the capability to dream.

“And this is why the people will trust us again, one election after another for at least for another 20 years,” he said to applause.


Cheers to cloud computing! If it weren’t for cloud computing I would never vote PN again!

Wait a sec, cloud computing is available right now on your pc. Even a simple yet famous worldwide gaming site like Steam offers cloud computing right now to you and your neighbour. Hmm, I’m pretty sure many of you readers have only a vague idea of what is cloud computing.

So no. Unfortunately the Nationalist Party Dr Austin Gatt here isn’t introducing cloud computing. Neither in Malta, nor in the rest of the world.

Microsoft announced that they are planning to open an office in this country where to conduct research on cloud computing.

So thanks to cloud computing and the confidence it shows in ‘the people’, the Nationalist Party is sure  to win all elections….. till the year 2033!

Nice, I love this line of reasoning.

Sigh. Give me a break Austin! Your only phrase which made sense was:

We have the capability to dream.

Have you ever dreamt of flying by just flapping your hands Dr Gatt? If you have the secret on how to make that come true, shoot me a comment.

And then the PN puppets have the guts to say that if one is either of tertiary education or one is a thinker, one can never vote Labour.



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One response to ““Fairy-godmother, please make my dreams come true” – Austin Gatt

  1. U le….

    “Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said this evening that he is convinced that during the next general election the people will again choose the Nationalist Party to lead them forward.”


    “Dr Gonzi said, he was sure that when the next general elections arrived the Nationalist Party would be handing over to the people a country that was better and stronger.

    In light of this, he said, “I am convinced that, when the moment arrives, the people will choose the Nationalist Party to lead them again.”

    Dr Gatt said yesterday that he was sure the people will continue to chose the PN for their government for the next 20 years.

    Dr Gonzi was speaking during a public discussion held as part of the Independence festivities at the Granaries in Floriana.”


    “Turning to the subject of divorce, he said he still disagreed with the introduction of divorce.”


    Nice puppet show. Pity puppet shows are no longer in demand..

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