Joseph Muscat ma ħareġ bl-ebda soluzzjoni u ma ta l-ebda tweġiba – Paul Borg Olivier


Apparently GonziPN is thinking that the PL is in government.

All attacks are centralised on one single issue: How can Joseph Muscat solve this issue, how can Joseph Muscat answer this problem etc.. etc.. ad nauseam

Why is the government constantly asking the opposition for solutions?

It’s well known that when one’s arguments and policies are proven to be a failure, the best defence is actually not to defend but to attack. Apparently our government is thinking that the Maltese population is very very ignorant and does not know about this tactic. So it attempts to defend itself, in vain, by ‘attacking’ the leader of the Opposition for not having the solutions for this current 25-year old muck-up of a legislature.


On a different note, I’m tired of hearing about the “Mass Meeting” currently being organised by GonziPN to celebrate the 47th anniversary of Independence day. Yet not one single photo of this “Mass Meeting” is to be seen on any of the local media. Can someone kindly link me to one?

I managed to find a small video, showing only Dr Gonzi and the first four rows of people in front of him.
And why does Dr Gonzi continually read from papers held in his hand? Can’t he hold arguments in his brain for just a teeny weeny bit of time? This was just a meeting for heaven’s sake (a.k.a. Viva Gonziiiii taaaaaaghnaaaaa!!!! material) and not the budget estimates for heaven’s sake!


Disclaimer: when I refer to the present government as GonziPN please do not interpret it as a derogatory phrase. Remember GonziPN was the motto used during the past election which was a success for the same party. Though I’m not sure whether the victory was thanks to this motto, or whether it was thanks to the promise of lowering tax on income upon being re-elected (which never materialised since 2008).


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