45 years later – Paul Borg Olivier requests Alex Sceberras Trigona’s resignation

Isn’t it funny that the PN spoke just NOW about this?
Why didn’t they speak up when it happened? i.e. 45 years ago, about this.. “embarrassment”?
Have any circumstances changed? 45 years ago uptil today in 2011 the PN never declared that AST “embarrassed the nation”. I wonder what caused this u-turn of thought suddenly……

Wait, I think I know the reason – the PN were just waiting for Paul Borg Olivier to be born.


I wonder what would have been the reaction had he accepted a freebie private-jet flight from a prominent businessman to watch his preferred football team play in another country, or who took the role of broker to help selling some hotel, or who.. nevermind you all know what I’m talking about.

Does AST occupy an official post in government worth resigning for?

Should he resign for being close to the Libyan Government 45 years ago? I’m non-plussed. If yes, Laurence Gonzi should resign for being close to the Libyan government 4 months ago..

This warped train of thought makes me wonder why the PN are so eager to get rid of AST.

Check out video here.


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