Bonzi? Bondi? Gonzi? Gondi? What’s the difference?

In the headline of today’s news:

Bondi told victims ‘it’s either me or Joseph Muscat’

So Mr. Bondi “journalism above everything” felt offended that the people he was basing some news scoops on (i.e. the men who a couple of months ago won a court case against two priests who sexually abused them during their childhood) decided to confide in, of all people to his chagrin, Dr Joseph Muscat –  the leader of the Opposition and the Labour Party of Malta.

I wonder if Mr. Lou Bondi is thinking that he’s already the new Prime Minister of the country with all this talk of “either me or Joseph Muscat”? I might have half-expected the Prime Minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi to make such a statement, but from a news-reporter? Hardly.

Does he so naively believe that certain issues are better discussed with a news-reporter than with a member of parliament who also happens to be the leader of the party in opposition?
I don’t think so.

What I’m ready to bet is that Mr. Bondi will be contesting the next elections.
His red carpet has been already laid out, on our main station – TVM, where he’s being promoted as a ‘politically unbiased’ host, twice weekly at prime-time. Barely a year will pass and he will declare his candidature for the P.N. who is in government right now.


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