Gaddafi’s honours withdrawn. But why in 2011?

It begs questioning how come the PN media are constantly digging up thirty and forty year-old news pictures in black and white.

The picture in full colour of Lawrence Gonzi hugging Gaddafi is more, let’s say, modern. Better pixels and picture quality. And well, it depicts something which occurred this year, in 2011 and not in the 1970’s forty years ago.

So all of a sudden Gaddafi needs to be stripped of his honours. I’ll just make two statements and leave it for you readers to judge:

1.  The first honour was given by a Labour government in 1974 when Gaddafi was just a 32 year old newbie governing Libya for barely 5 years.

2.  The second honour was given by a PN government in 2004 when Gaddafi had developed into a 62 year old tyrant after enjoying more than 35 years of power. (That’s 10 years more than the PN have been governing this country.)

So, it’s the current Labour administration who’s got close ties with Gaddafi, they say.
And the PN is doing the right thing in removing the honours given to the dictator.
Sell it to the marines!

Why was Gaddafi given an honour in 2004 by a PN government barely 7 years ago in the first place?
Why did the PN government even confer him an honour in 2004? Why did Lawrence Gonzi meet him a couple of weeks before the uprising? What was the reason of such meeting? What were the results of such meeting?

Why did the current government not strip him of his honours long ago? Why did the PN government play the waiting game?



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2 responses to “Gaddafi’s honours withdrawn. But why in 2011?

  1. wohh just what I was looking for, regards for posting .

  2. Top notch editorial. Remember to keep up the very really good work.

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