Daphne Caruana Galizia needs a chill pill!

I am reproducing the same post from my facebook here:


I don’t bother having a fellow blogger to increasing her website ‘hits’ thanks to my facebook wall. But if you want to be spared the trouble of clicking, I’m quoting her article further below.

It’s surprising how Mrs Daphne gave me, a newbie who just started on facebook and wordpress barely a month ago, so much unexpected coverage, albeit through belittling insults. I don’t know why she insults me. I never insulted her. She thinks that because I don’t agree with her opinion it automatically gives her the right to insult me. (High School Musical anyone?)
Is it expected from me to reciprocate? That the fact that I don’t agree with her opinion automatically gives me the right to insult her?
NO. NO. And a big NO again.
I’ll never stoop that low as to insult a fellow blogger just for expressing an opinion one doesn’t agree with.
I’ll only stoop low enough to quote her blog just to spare readers here the bother of clicking and changing web-page……… so read on…………:

“One of the setbacks of being a total chav, son or daughter of chavs, is that you don’t know who people are and can’t make connections.
So you end up thinking that because you don’t know who somebody is, then the person is ‘mysterious’.
I had a bit of this myself when Chav Elve Central spent months tying itself up in knots trying to work out who I am, where I came from and discussing it all as though it’s hugely mysterious and open to speculation.
The most hysterical part was the weeks they spent debating whether I was born in Sliema or Valletta, and contradicting each other with ‘evidence’.
Now they’re at it with the man who asked Nicola Abela Garrett what her name is.
[insert Peter Xuereb’s photo here]
Obviously, they can’t just run along and ask their parents or some friends. So, because the man is mysterious to them, he’s mysterious, full stop, and a thug with it.
I’ll spare them the pain. A less mysteriously elusive person I have yet to meet. His name is Peter Xuereb and we were at sixth form college together. His sister Marina was my university friend and is married to the well-known gynaecologist Donald Felice, and his uncle was the university’s rector for many years.
Some preposterous, bullying thug. I need a patience top-up.”

Yes, DCG. You need a chill-pill. And an ultra-strong tranquilliser to top it all.

Everyone knows who Peter Xuereb is, there was no need to to get all worked up. And if there was a need for you, sorry you were too late.


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