Forgive me mummy, for I lied to you.

That an official from the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) accompanying Minister Austin Gatt during the famous “FW” gave a university student (using her own words) a good telling off, told her she should be grateful for her stipend, and demanded her particulars while refusing to reveal his own identity/official capacity is no news but an uncontested fact now that Peter Xuereb himself admitted and explained that he acted on his own initiative and wasn’t following any directions or instructions.

One case closed.



But questions remain:

Why are PN sympathisers so obsessed with discovering the identity of those who criticise their government?

I’ve been blogging for only a few weeks, but already a reader’s OCD on this particular issue sticks out like a sore thumb.

In all replies bar one to my article on Matthew Bonanno this person kept posting one reply after another demanding that I quit “hiding my real identity behind a username”. Which is not only pointless but verges on being morbid since I’m not even a public person.

Even more baffling is that in the same breath of embellishing his replies with adjectives like “chicken”, “coward” and “hypocrite”, he doesn’t realise the contradiction of not using his real name himself.

So sad it’s almost funny. Or should I say so funny it’s almost sad?
Well, same as Peter Xuereb’s “you identify yourself to me but I won’t to you.”
No, it’s not even remotely funny.

So upset on posts appearing without my feedback that he went pouring a river of tears onto big-mummy’s blog stamping his feet about me being too afraid to pluck up courage to show his magnificent posts to the general public and censoring them.


Allow me five minutes please while I change my underwear.
I think I just shat myself.


The picture below speaks for itself:

One can’t help but worry about the integrity of such people who lie blatantly – even to their own ilk and to the very ones they idolise. Who can ever take them seriously? I certainly couldn’t be arsed at anyone’s lies on my own blog. But then I’m not anyone’s big-mummy. No wonder they don’t use their own real name!


However, enough small talk now and back to discussing the identity issue in a serious manner, without the gossippy style I had to use to make my point understood in the previous paragraphs.

What difference does a name make? When one reads an opinion article one discusses the actual topic without wasting time and space speculating on the author’s identity. At least as long as the writer isn’t a known personality. After all I’m sure no one would like to spend sleepless nights trying to figure out which one’s Lino Spiteri and which one’s Daphne.

Age and citizenship might also impinge on the weight attributed to an author’s writings.  For example, were I a British citizen, questions would pop up on why am I blogging on Maltese current events since I don’t live here and I don’t have a vote. The same argument could be used for speculating on the age of the author though definitely not with the same force as the citizenship argument since no matter how young a Maltese citizen, one day he’d celebrate his 18th birthday and have a vote. And most likely he’d be voting to the party which performed best even while he was still a kannol bla krema.

I might declare my name is Daniel Busuttil and satisfy Il-Bormliż’s and his clan’s identity cravings. And while at it, I’m also over 18, live on these Maltese Islands, and have a valid vote.
Anything else, Master?

I hope now that now you can put a name to Garnaw’s blog you feel very much better. I made you a very happy boy today and you won’t feel frustrated about your replies appearing unanswered anymore, because hey man, you’re the topic of the day!

And don’t worry, one day you’ll have a vote too.


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