Andrew Borg Cardona, who’s a ruddy hypocrite now?

If there’s one thing on which I agree with Daphne it’s that the standards of the Times of Malta are constantly getting lower and lower. Here’s a shining example:

That reprehensible rag, KullHadd, used by the Labour Party as one of its weapons of mass distraction, undermined the Great Leader’s “Progressive Movement of Moderates” (a bit like conservationist hunters, that, but leave it aside) by front-paging an attack on Lou Bondi for his declared atheism. Apparently, it’s OK to have liberal thoughts and express them, but if it is expedient to ignore what the Leader is trying to say, then take a swing at the victim, by all means, if you think it will intimidate him. And this is the party whose apologists keep whining that people like me resort to personal attacks, ruddy hypocrites.

Andrew Borg Cardona, next time keep a thesaurus at hand. It’s hardly professional to describe a party newspaper as a “rag” while writing in another paper not affiliated with any political party. Especially considering the plethora of meanings attributed to the word.

Borg Cardona, Daphne and Lou have one thing in common. [Well probably they have more than one since Dr Borg Cardona and Dr Peter Caruana Galizia (the flying saucer enthusiast) are partners of the same legal office.] They think that their readers are so ignorant they’d believe anything churned through their keyboard. Now their regular supporters might be since they always agree with them no matter what, but rest assured it’s an insult to expect the same from the rest of the Maltese population!

No one who found home in the Labour Party’s liberal and all-inclusive principles of action is scandalised upon learning that somebody is an atheist, as all three bloggers are so eager to drum into our minds (and are succeeding in respect to their blind-folded supporters).

No, dear PN triumvirate, what’s shocking is that Lou Bondi very obviously supports the PN in a fervent manner – the same PN who has the following enshrined in its statute:

L-iskop tal-Partit Nazzjonalista hu l-iżvillup demokratiku tan-nazzjon, mibni fuq il-liberta’ u l-ġustizzja socjali fid-dawl tat-tradizzjoniji Maltija, Nisranija u Ewropea:


2.Il-Partit Nazzjonalista jifforma parti mill-Moviment
Internazzjonali Demokratiku Kristjan. Anzi hu fost l-eqdem partiti li dan il-moviment iħaddan. Hu impenjat biex il-prinċipji demokristjani jitwettqu fir-Repubblika Maltija u jinfirxu mad-dinja kollha.

3. F’kollox il-Partit Nazzjonalista jitnebbaħ mill-ideal
nisrani tad-dinjita’ tal-bniedem, mibnija fuq ir-rabtiet tiegħu ma’ Alla u ma’ ħutu l-bnedmin l-oħra, fil-familja u f’għaqdiet volontarji oħra li l-Istat għandu jgħinhom u jseddaqhom.

What is scandalous is not the statute of the Nationalist Party embracing God as its fulcrum.
What is scandalous is not Lou Bondi being an atheist.

What is scandalous is having an atheist so strongly and vociferously supporting a political party centered around God.

Lou, have you ever searched for the word ‘integrity‘ in a dictionary?

Who are the real ruddy hypocrites then?


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One response to “Andrew Borg Cardona, who’s a ruddy hypocrite now?

  1. lol … Garnaw … great deduction but we street NO FOR GONZI would have put it this way … why the fuss and connecting LOO Bondi and Daphne Caruana Galletti with integrity … obviously a waste of time because it is daily getting clear outside the few old fashioned, die hard, loyalist PN wankers that enjoy their blogs that LOO would KISS ANYTHING to win and get his point through.

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