More hypocrisy at its finest!

From Lou Bondi’s blog:

“In a court case which has dragged on for six years, Toni Abela, the PL leader appearing as a lawyer for the other side, asked the magistrate to give a ruling on my public declaration of atheism. His point was that since I swore on the crucifux, all my testimony
is now called into question.

Where is this person’s integrity?

He forms part of the same political party which had stirred up a x’gharukaza u x’biza’ storm in a teacup when in 1996 Alfred Sant didn’t kiss the crucifix upon taking office.

Who would you trust the most, a declared atheist who behaves like one?
Or a half-way closeted atheist who for appearance’s and credibility’s sake takes oaths in court by kissing the Catholic Cross as if he fully embraced the Catholic faith?

We have to keep up appearances, Richard!

It can’t be more clear:
If Alfred Sant ma tistax tafdah (cannot be trusted) according to the PN, how much less can a person of no integrity and principle like Lou Bondi can be trusted?


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