Pssstt, we fired Matthew Bonanno but it’s all Malta Today’s fault!

Yet again I have to give full points to Mrs Caruana Galizia because she is so right on the ever-lowering standards of The Times of Malta.

Who would ever expect that the Times of Malta’s editor totally ignores what Matthew Bonanno, the journalist he himself fired, had to say and excuses himself ever so pettily by finding a scape-goat? It’s so easy to shift the blame on Malta Today since it’s the only newspaper left on the islands which reports all news and doesn’t care whether they step on anyone’s toes. There’s no better target isn’t there, Mr Bugeja?

Duh, the very editor of the Times of Malta, of all people…

Here are some excerpts from Matt Bonanno’s explanatory letter which he posted on several media, to refresh one’s memory:

“I have no ill feeling towards The Times, especially my former colleagues in the newsroom. Even though I feel my sacking was harsh, I was still on probation and they were well within their rights to give me the boot. The only thing I was disappointed about was not being given the chance to explain myself or apologise, in person. I was of course asked to explain myself via email on Thursday, since I was off that day, but I kept it brief and intended to explain myself fully, in front of the editors, the next day. On Friday, after being left in the newsroom for about 2 hours, I was called to HR and told my probation was terminated with immediate effect.”

and also:

“Neither am I going to be bearing a grudge against the bloggers who blew the incident out of proportion. They do what they do and I should have known better than to give them fuel to fire their own agendas. And before they claim they don’t have an agenda, if Messrs. Bondi and Caruana Galizia were the journalists they claim to be, they would have phoned me to get my side of things before stampeding towards their own, warped conclusions. But that’s not how they work, obviously.”

I took the liberty to bold the above phrase since the Times of Malta’s editor constantly attacked the journalists of a competing and (really) independent paper by concluding all nine paragraphs in his editorial with the same sentence, this being:

“How many real journalists do that?”

I’m not that preposterous to prevent my own readers here to judge and answer for themselves… I only expect journalists to behave like journalists, and not have a ready and written agenda, which they hastily change upon direction from Mr Morgan Freeman……… 😉

But let’s get back to the facts leaving all joking aside. What was the course of action? What really happened?
This happened:

1) Ms Abela Garrett does what she did at university.

2) Suddenly, Daphne Caruana Galizia (the woman who doesn’t even have a facebook account, or so she says) posts a conversation mysteriously taken from Ms Abela Garrett’s facebook wall (which wall she can’t access since she herself doesn’t have a facebook account) where Mr Bonanno happens to mention the already well-publicized fact that Minister Austin Gatt was attending university the following day.

3) A few minutes later Lou Bondi posts a quasi-identical blog to that of his Missus complete with screenshots of the same event.

4) Andrew Borg Cardona first posts a blog on the Times of Malta praising Ms Garrett for her guts. All of a sudden someone gets him to note Mister’s and Madame’s  blogged opinions so he had to gobble everything back and go through the pains of having to write on the same topic yet again, but this time a lengthy eulogy on how bad and evil it was of Nicola’ for not having done everything impromptu, but that she had planned it (using as a source Lou’s and Daphne’s stories) the night before “after she read Matt Bonanno’s comment” about Minister Austin Gatt attending university the following day.

5) The PN propaganda machine, worried about the bad impact this might have on their leader Dr Austin Gatt, spun up the story that Matt Bonanno and Nicola’ Abela Garrett were in cahoots and orchestrated the entire thing in total secrecy. [At night, during a full moon, while sacrificing a delicious fried egg…….. but let’s not get unduly carried away now ;)]

6) Even more out of the blue, the next day Matt Bonanno’s contract of employment with The Times of Malta gets terminated.

Did the editor of the Times of Malta give any reason for Matt Bonanno’s termination of employment?
He only wrote an entire article criticising Malta Today, Malta Today’s editor and Malta Today’s journalists.

Sooooo VERY professional, Mr Editor. So very professional I would adorn your paper with a gold star if I could!
Keep it up and in 2013 you’d have Daphne, Lou, Andrew et al praising you for having helped the PN.

I suggest that Mr. Bugeja, as editor of the Times of Malta tries to refrain from reading any more of Daphne’s blogs where she emphasises that everyone who isn’t very pro-PN has an abnormally low I.Q.
He might get an unexpected surprise.


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One response to “Pssstt, we fired Matthew Bonanno but it’s all Malta Today’s fault!

  1. Mark

    Just one correction…the snapshot of Abela Garrett’s conversation with Matt Bonanno had been doing rounds on facebook for 3 days before DCG and Bondi commented about it.

    For 3 days, people were posting comments of the type “The Times colluding with student”, “The Times fabricates its stories”…bla bla

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