The Untouchables

It’s amazing how just one sentence uttered during yesterday’s “Inkontri” led to all hell breaking loose in a specific area of the internet blogging arena. DCG wrote 9 blogs in less than 24 hours, ABC another 2 or 3. Lou Bondi… well I didn’t really check the latter’s but presumably he’s still worrying about which excuses to find for kissing catholic crosses and taking religious oaths instead of solemn declarations after declaring that he had been an atheist for long years.


Back on topic, this time the truth really seared them like a hot iron. And incited  PN apologists to explain themselves, albeit in vain.

Of course they are doing more damage to the PN than to the PL. Ironically they’re harming the political party with which they claim to be so in love.

There are many reasons for this argument but allow me to mention only the ones that spring to mind. I’m not eager to go digging into cesspits right now…

1)  intolerance.
Try to post in Daphne’s blog. No chance at all, your post will be moderated and deleted. She’ll only approve your post if you “rajt juwzing dis tajp of inglixx u tfajjar xi botta baxxa”.  And she’ll comment below your post describing you as a “classic PL voter”. Try it if you want. Send her a reasonable and well-written reply and it’ll vanish into thin air. Then purposely write something using incorrect grammer and she’ll turn the subject of the blog on you and ‘your low I.Q.’.

Or she’d go ‘sighing’, all condescending, and call you an ‘elve’ (sic):

Rachel says:
Tuesday, 18 October at 2028hrs
Daphne – did you or did you not attack Joseph Muscat’s kids? While I cannot stand the guy or most of the PL, you of all people should know what it means to attack children. And if you want to stir controversy try not to do it to the detriment of their children. Stop your personal vendetta. While I, for the most part admire your writing, I… can only despair that a mother should be so bitchy.

[Daphne – Sigh. How does a person attack toddlers, Rachel? Go on, tell me. As for personal vendettas, pop along to Mad Jeff’s Facebook Wall or watch Super One, which gives me more coverage than it does most cabinet ministers. Now pop along, because you’re trying my patience. You don’t for the most part admire my writing. This is an archetypal elve comment.]

2)  lack of respect.
I could quickly find and quote the following instance from Andrew Borg Cardona’s blog, though I remember reading it on another blog or two:
Where he declared that Joseph Muscat’s…

“two deputies think nothing of posing with elephants or doing weird things with puppets”.

Whoa hold the phone! We’re not discussing Cicciolina and horses here and you’re excused for having thought about that first. It was that blogger’s intention after all. The ‘crimes’ involved are:

– Dr Anglu Farrugia posting a picture on the internet of when he was enjoying a private holiday abroad. I don’t care where he was, but apparently elephants were present in the same picture. Had he gone to Australia he’d probably have kangaroos in the same photo… Or a Maltese dog…
– About Dr Toni Abela doing, ermmm “weird things with puppets”, I admit I didn’t see that show but since it was shown on TV and no action was taken against the host then there was nothing wrong, just a relaxing program where you could see a public person laze, joke around, and be fun. No puppets were harmed or abused in the process… (sigh)

3) childish primary-school type name calling.

I’ll refrain from commenting. Enjoy the quotes:

Andrew Borg Cardona:

“you come to conclusion that if this is the person who is going to run the country, it’s time to the head to the hills”

“taking part in this piece of rubbish”

“the ghetto-mentality that still seems to pervade Labour”

“it fitted in with the mind-set of the Lil’Elves who love to stir it up”

Daphne Caruana Galizia:

“Mad Jeff, chairman of the Malta Council of Science and Technology”

“violent Labour halfwit”

“Marlene Mizzi, chief of the Labour Business Forum and a woman pushing 60 who behaves like a 15-year-old girl by photographing her new shoes (with her legs inside them)”

“you Labour voters are slow to catch on”

“She runs two small toy shops, for God’s sake. With that reasoning, you can pick any village shopkeeper and tell them to run a state corporation. Marlene Mizzi is a relentless self-promoter in a fish-bowl where there is no competition. She tells everyone repeatedly that she is a ‘businesswoman’, but nobody bothers to ask what the business is. Two frigging hole-in-the-wall shops.”

“Bundy must be even more dim-witted than immediately obvious if he thought that I might wish to go out of my way to accommodate a televison station that has dedicated a considerable part of its resources to harassing me and members of my family.”

“ja qabda injoranti”

3.1 – liars. One TV harrassing Daphne Caruana Galizia and members of her family? Giving her more coverage than it does most cabinet ministers?
Oh, please!

Blegh that was enough. Any volunteers to quote more immature name-calling, tipo women insulting each other from one balcony to the other’s on the opposite side of some narrow street, are welcome.

4)  the hypocrisy. While on defence, they try to drum into their readers’ minds that since they own their own private companies and aren’t employed by the PN, they should be considered as independent. The hypocrisy is ever apparent throughout. Andrew Borg Cardona is a partner of Daphne’s husband Peter, they run the same law firm together. Daphne writes sbout a magistrate accusing her of ‘stealing’ another woman’s man. Not that we would want to know all gossip like her readers do, but no mention is ever made of Rachel Attard ‘stealing’ Lou from his beautiful wife and children.

5)  creating a rift within the PN.
Or excarbating the already raw and bleeding one.

Attacks on:

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando (why? ABC and DCG agreed with him even on the divorce issue which was the only instance where Dr Pullicino Orlando thankfully expanded his horizons within the PN)

Dr Franco Debono: attacked for defending Cyrus Engerer (it’s a long story but in short, as soon as this person ‘defected’ [can’t choose a better word!] from the PN suddenly years-old criminal cases started cropping up). The most famous one is a lovers’ rift where the party who felt offended had long since forgiven him and dropped the case.

Dr Jesmond Mugliett and his wife. When her brain cells dry up, Daphne starts writing about them. Who knows why.

Robert Musumeci

Same goes for Robert Arrigo, with tales being spun on him playing clever on the government as if he were concocting some form of revenge.

John Dalli, google on how he had to resign due to Joe Zahra the private investigator’s report (incidentally Joe Zahra was also employed by Where’s Everybody, the company co-owned by Joe (Peppi) Azzopardi and Lou Bondi…

And the list could go on and on.


There’s so much more I could reasearch and find, but…

Anyway, one has to really try hard to understand these people.

One might clutch at a straw in despair, but in this case they are literally dunking their very own mates underwater and attempting to drown them in the futile hope of saving the very organisation they and their victims form part of.

It’s a vicious circle where the drowning man tries to save himself by grasping at another man having a heart attack on the shore.

The octopus greedily feeding on it’s own fingers in the belief that it will get larger by doing so.
Wishful thinking.



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3 responses to “The Untouchables

  1. CC

    Dear Garnaw
    I’ve just stumbled across your psuedo-independent blog.
    Interesting in more ways than one, especially in what you choose to leave out.
    However, to evaluate the veracity and validity of your posts it would be helpful if we got to know who you are.

  2. I’m curious to know who you are as well, CC.

    If you read my blog carefully, I did say who I am. You’re not the only one to exert such pressure.

    As if it would matter.
    But here you go

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