Sabrina Agius – what happened.

It’s easy to guess what happened in the case of Sabrina Agius’ emails. (Google search on ‘can your employer read your emails).

Apparently the lady was naive enough to use her work computer to log in to her personal gmail email address.

In the light of what happened recently (she filed a protest in the industrial tribunal against RTK over unfair and discriminatory treatment during a selection process to be appointed editor) RTK decided to check their server for what was outgoing and incoming from her computer. That’s why emails from 2010 were leaked only now. The persons in charge of RTK’s servers can do this with relative ease and without any hacking of passwords. But whether it’s legal or not to do so is another argument.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that Ms Agius didn’t send those emails from RTK but from her personal home computer. If this were the case, then yes surely hacking is involved, since in that case the emails wouldn’t be stored in the server at her place of work.


[To be continued…]


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