“We have to shut this guy up!”

Well this was a great surprise and something which I never expected from the very same PN apologists who strive so hard to ram down people’s throats that they are in favour of freedom of speech. From people who pretend to be shocked when faced with questions on why the present government condones certain blogs which have almost racial tinges where it concerns political party affiliations. Which authors at the very same time break all rules of ethics, netiquette, morality, journalism… you mention it…

Today I went to log into my facebook and was met with the following:

So they managed to destroy my facebook account by leading facebook administrators (hmmm have I ever mentioned that Matthew Caruana Galizia‘s very own employer is facebook?) to believe that I’m using it to promote a brand, business, organisation or idea.

So I now have facebook showing my real name and surname. Barely a couple of minutes passed after contacting some old friends, and I got greeted with this message:

Good work guys. You’re sharp. Oh… and you need a life, separate from staying fixed in front of a laptop monitor googling and searching on facebook and elsewhere where the name “Garnaw” is going to pop up next. Sorry but I have to use your mother’s expression:


Thanks for giving me full proof that I’m writing on what matters, in true good sense, and obviously stepping on PN toes.

Had I been writing just fibs and nonsense no one would have bothered with my facebook account created just 2 months ago, considering that a good 35% of facebookers use a pseudonym. Had I wrote gibberish not only wouldn’t they have bothered to FALSELY report my facebook account to be an advertising one, but they’d have filled more than half of their blogs on how some “lejber elve” was writing nonsense.


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