Daphne emails Edgar Galea Curmi informing him about her plan to report to the police to proceed against Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando


Let’s allow time for Daphne Caruana Galizia to send an email to Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi’s chief of staff, Mr. Edgar Galea Curmi, to inform him that the Police tomorrow will be receiving a request to proceed against… a member of parliament who had some comment posted on his facebook wall while he was sleeping. Because somebody quoted someone else on the internet who in return quoted some other person who quoted a scanned pdf file which had been put online by some person occupying  a public position with the civil service and which document was duly signed by Dr.Anthony Borg Barthet about a certain Matthew Caruana Galizia trafficking hard drugs to minors in the vicinity of a school!!!!!

How dared you, common elffffsss, publicise such document? DCG has just emailed Dr Gonzi’s Chief of Staff about all this incident, she spoke to Edgar Galea Curmi himself, about this all, and you, common elvvveeess, stmajtuha fil-patata??
U ejja plijjjzzzz let’s grow up a bit.

And let’s try to discover the identity of Daniel Busuttil, shall we? “Is Daniel Busuttil traceable? [Daphne] “We’re finding out”.

Mamma mia. Why are they trying to trace me out, considering that I never said anything myself but only quoted sources?

I’m positive that if any common citizen finds something which does not make sense on the internet, you’d have Edgar Galea Curmi’s email ready at hand and you’d promptly send him an email informing him as the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff that you would be sending a formal request to the police to take action as soon as your lawyer husband (or lawyer wife) wakes up the next morning.

Sure, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.



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2 responses to “Daphne emails Edgar Galea Curmi informing him about her plan to report to the police to proceed against Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando

  1. nick

    What are you? A kid?

  2. Spiru

    Allura Dr A. E. Borg Barthet huwa peasant with a pitchfork? Il-firma tieghu hi. Kif Deffni qatt ma harrkitu bhala giddieb?

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