If the Government falls, wouldn’t someone be ready to pick it up? So why the panic?

(With no apologies to who doesn’t get the sarcasm in the title.)

So one Nationalist MP isn’t agreeing with the government on a particular issue.

As a result, everything is boiling over.

Andrew Borg Cardona and Lou Bonzi’ are working overtime, with the latter embarrassingly sharing how pissed off he feels for Franco Debono not attending his Gondi’+ program on the national television station tonight.

For the first time in history, Daphne’s lagging behind by repetitively pondering, discussing and analysing, blog upon blog, again and yet again Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, his “makk of Earl Grey” tea (ghidli fuq x’hiex ser tpatpat meta m’ghandhekx ma x’hiex taqbad.. anke l-isem tat-te’ li jixrob taha f’ghajnha!) the “ignorent lejjberristi hawswajvs” who comment on his blog, and wait for it because you won’t believe this one –  “il-pettsss ta Jeffri”.

But let’s depart from lowly gossip and resume discussing current affairs, which after all is what this blog should be about:

Is the P.M. Dr.Gonzi a man of enough courage to do as Alfred Sant did in 2008? Upon seeing that that there was no confidence in his government Dr. Sant did the the honourable thing – dissolved his government and called for a general election, albeit he had  been governing for less than 2 years, albeit it meant accepting defeat. Does Dr.Lawrence Gonzi have the guts to take the bull by the horns, and understand the meaning of the vote of no confidence for what it is? Will he accept defeat in the half-hearted way his predecessor did when he described his own electoral defeat as a “photo-finish result”? Or has being in government for a quarter of a century given the P.M. and those in his clique a serious infection of what we describe as the “Ala l’maws” attitude?

Let’s wait and see.. But whatever the result, the shame of rejection will always remain there, and everybody knows about it.


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One response to “If the Government falls, wouldn’t someone be ready to pick it up? So why the panic?

  1. andreas

    Daphne isn’t writing about Franco Debono. While she’s busy stalking JPO’s facebook there’s Lou doing the job stalking Franco Debono’s facebook!! Kollox mahdum bizzilla!

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