Consuelo Scerri Herrera shows her true self

At last.

I was wondering how come a Magistrate sued a gossip-journalist for libel. Such people (and I’m referring to the latter) allow their digits to tap-tap along according to their mood – straight from finger to keyboard, missing the brain on the way.

It doesn’t help much when the fingers tapping belong to some woman at the apex of her menopausal crisis either.

But the reason dawned on me when I read the culprit statement on which the libel case was based: that the Magistrate held parties where “talcum-powder” flowed freely.

We all know that everyone and their grandparents would be preferring a Vodka and Red Bull over talcum powder at a party. Unless they’re babysitting a chafed baby at the same time.
Especially parties hosted by a Magistrate where the main purpose is to collect money for charity.

One has to be really dumb and crazy (or hormonal) to suggest that hard drugs are flowing during a party held to raise funds for charity, and moreso publicised as such.
Any further comment would be superfluous.

Now I don’t blame Dr. Scerri Herrera for instituting the case in the first place.

Daphne herself admitted she never meant to equate talcum-powder to cocaine and probably the Magistrate herself sighed a sigh of relief herself.  Daphne gave a bland excuse that she never meant saying talcum powder at all but wanted to say that the Magistrate uses deodorant. (What a sick and sorry excuse Daphne!)

As did all of us – our lawfully paid taxes are going  for this woman’s privilege to have a policeman guarding her door 24/7 while inventing gossipy stories about others, attempting to ruin their reputation in the process, just because they don’t agree on her political stance?

And what’s the result? She invents gossip on her blog and then attempts to give frivolous excuses in court to try to make up for her loose and unleashed tongue.

Just get this: she first uncovered Lou Bondi and his partner Rachel who were attending a charity dinner hosted by the Magistrate. During this charity dinner, Daphne got mentioned for throwing cutlery and dinnerware at her husband who lodged a complaint at the Mosta Police Station against  her.

Lou and Rachel, who were cordially invited to the above charity dinner, sought the occasion to go to the bathroom in the Magistrate’s house and phone Daphne about the conversation.

Understandably due to  Daphne hormones at al going berserk, and she launched a full-fledged attack against Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera, a very impartial and impeccable Magistrate.

Was it because Magistrate Herrera’s brother is  a PL candidate?

Was it because Daphne’s violent marital turmoil got mentioned during this charity dinner and made newspaper headlines the following day?

Daphne herself insists that the Magistrate started criminal procedures against her only because she blogged about her backside being the size of a bus (s…i…g…h…)
I had been thinking about not writing anymore after getting a couple of good threats myself but I couldn’t get this one pass.

I’ll let you readers conclude .


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