LLB 2011 graduates meet the Prime Minister at the Nationalist Party’s H.Q.

Click here for video.

Of all the graduates who went to the P.N.’s ‘Dar Centrali’ to meet the Prime Minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi, whose behaviour do you think was most becoming for a university graduate?

Watch the video, and check who’s not drunkenly shouting, beer-can or whisky in hand, “boo Labour” or “vivaa Gonziii”, and who’s not inebriated enough to strip to a t-shirt rather than don appropriate clothing for the month of December.


I wonder what booing a political party had to do with them celebrating their graduation, but anyway congratulations to you all friends!

And we must admit, Charlon Gouder showed guts in joining this to meet the Prime Minister at his political party’s general headquarters rather than at the Office of the Prime Minister where Dr Lawrence Gonzi could have congratulated the graduates in his official capacity rather than using this redneck way.



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