Silence, please! And some respect.

2012 started on a sour tone. Especially for the family and close friends of both Duncan Zammit and Nicholas Gera. .

Murders are relatively rare in Malta. Especially double murders. And especially double murders committed on the first day of a new year.

People mourn when their elderly relatives die of natural causes.
Imagine the distress when young adults die.
When young adults get killed. Their life got stolen.
Imagine the parents’ sorrow… They who always expected to go through their own demise long before their offsprings’.
Imagine the wife’s sorrow, she who surely believed they would be a happy family together enjoying grand-children and great-grand-children while in their 80’s and beyond.
Imagine the children’s sorrow, when one day they’d realise why daddy’s not there with them. And they don’t even remember him holding them, feeding them or playing with them. Their sole solace would only be the photos he so lovingly took…
Imagine the torture all these people would go through every first day of January throughout their whole lives. When everyone is celebrating the new year. When all the streets are lit up, and everybody else is happy…


What prompted me to write this out, apart from the reality-check above, is the irascible and callous way this issue is being politicised.
I’m the type of guy who reads all online news –,,,,, and knowing that he’s got a penchant for crime I also checked out who not surprisingly had the most extensive reportage surpassing all the rest put together.

Now by politicised I do not mean the news reportages themselves were politicised.

After all, all news reported on all websites I mentioned above quoted “the police” as their source.

If anything was not as it was supposed to be, the police should take action. And they should be doing so immediately if such is the case. No one should bother on opinions or hearsay on some blog or its comments. Blogs are there to convey opinions, but news are there to convey real facts. Hence where news are reported it’s adamant that the journalists concerned remain 100% faithful to their sources. Everyone ‘believes’ news to a certain extent, but blogs and comments should be taken with a pinch of salt.

What made me nearly vomit were some of the replies allowed on the comment boards of some online media and a couple  of blogs which pride themselves on being “heavily moderated”. (sic)

Suffice it to say that without going into the merits of the case at all, one can arrive to conclusions not only as to the writers’ political preferences but also at the political preferences of the repliers and of the victims themselves. Not nice at all, especially when such a sensitive case is under discussion.


Whatever happened it’s extremely sad.

If we let the police do their job without political interference, their job would be easier, faster, and would have less impact and drama on any of the grieving relatives..

God Bless and Happy New Year.


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