What being a politician means for the P.N.

One gaffe after the other:

Literally translated, the above headline is accusing Franco Debono of wanting to eat all the ‘food’ by himself.

A large freudian slip which unfortunately shows what being a politician means to the PN.

On being elected they are seated at a buffet table full of nice ‘goodies’.

In their vain effort to discredit Franco Debono, a new accusation cropped up: that of wanting to take all the ‘goodies’ for himself.

Weren’t it so sad that our politicians think of their job as a “plate of goodies” one might even start pitying them for fighting on who gets allowed to grab the most lucrative morsels.
This is in stark contrast to the same Franco Debono’s declaration that for him being a politician means he’s there to serve, and not to be served.

Quite some food for thought (no pun intended), what do you think?

And by the way, it’s “jrid” not “irid” because Debono ends with a vowel. And also, “mill-platt” not “mil-platt”, the latter doesn’t even exist unless the word to which the article refers starts with an “l” and everyone knows very well that the word “platt” starts with a “p”. Ahem..



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