The Times of Malta’s poll is a tampered failed gimmick!

Have you ever realised that if you clear your internet browsing history and re-open your browser you can vote again? And again… and again?
This is apparently well-known because I read about it elsewhere and decided to try it myself. Amazing, for the standards such a news-site expects of itself.

But that’s nothing.

Apart from having die-hards on some particular issue voting multiple times a day, and their family and friends doing the same, check this out:

I was curious to see what was the difference in percentages between the people voting to “delay a general election as much as possible” and those who either want a snap election now, a confidence vote in Parliament or the Prime Minister’s resignation.

Since the former is 53%, the other three should add up to 47%.


27 + 14 + 4  =  45!

Where did the other 2% go? That’s a total of 385 votes which went to oblivion.

If the minds behind the poll’s software can’t even get their additions right (or at least be bright enough to hide the tampering), I can’t imagine the correctness of such polls themselves, they’re just a FAILED GIMMICK with a hidden agenda!


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