So it’s Franco Debono who’s insane, huh? (An open letter to Daphne Caruana Galizia and her mentors.)

Oh and while you’re at it, add to the mélange Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Jesmond Mugliett, John Dalli, Robert Arrigo, Jean Pierre Farrugia, Guido De Marco (RIP), and even other people not having ever formed part of parliament like Robert Musumeci and John Bundy.

They’re all insane. Bat-shit crazy people who dare have a different opinion to that of Dr Lawrence Gonzi our Great Leader!

And guess who declared so?

To add insult to injury, just today  Dr Austin Gatt parroted back her very same words to the public.

It seems to be fashionable to play parrot lately. . .

DCG: Austin, repeat after me “Franco Debono is insane”.
Austin: “Franco Debono is insane.  .  Franco Debono is insane.  .  Franco Debono is insane.  .

I have great respect for women especially those older than my own mother, as you are. So don’t interpret my blog as being somehow racist against menopausal women in their early 50’s or so because I’m just stating the facts here.

It’s not normal for a person to churn out 140 (yes an entire one hundred and forty) blog posts in less than 15 days. That comes up to 10 or 11 articles a day. Assuming you sleep for eight hours like a normal person does, in your 16 hours awake you write a blog every 30 or 40 minutes. Add to that having to moderate heavily the posts which you choose to show to your readers, being very careful to remove all those which might instil some doubt to your argument or for which you don’t have an answer, and keeping the ones with enough spelling and grammar mistakes so that you can spend even more minutes and hours criticising at length focusing on ‘ignorance’, ‘elvishness’, or whatever you call it  . . .

Daphne, are you even living your life? Are you enjoying any life at all? Are you doing anything else worth in your life in those 30 minutes between each blog? Writing continually on the same topics with no break in between. . .  hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year can’t do good to your psyche.

The only difference is the dangling cigarette and the lack of a glass of good Merlot. So be careful, or you might grow a beard! *wink*

Don’t misinterpret me please. I do not want to “stop you” or to have you accuse me of anything fictitional like having the PL wanting to stop you or whatever.. As you usually say, KIJP IT APP, and that’s what I say too: you’re the best asset the PL can have.  Go – go – go . . .  . . Daphne you’re the best!

But politics apart, do take care of yourself too. An intelligent person like yourself doesn’t deserve to remain stuck in a rut like this.

By the way, I also wrote all this in less than 2 minutes.  Add to that the couple of seconds needed to search for the images and have them uploaded here (thanks Melita for the great service).  But to spend all your waking time working on a blog, thinking about nothing else during the entire day, and probably dreaming about it while asleep? No way, thanks. Even if one’s really sane, he or she won’t remain so for long after 4 years without any break.


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