Why I’ve taken a (temporary) break from blogging

It’s because I obtained a good shipment of milk, at wholesale price, and am sweating it out working to make ġbejniet. Because, you know, they are expensive.

Joking apart, I took a break because DCG is doing a great job.

I preach to the converted, but she’s preaching to her own ilk. Her own ilk won’t read my blog, but they read hers. Cool.
If they’re intelligent enough to analyse her freudian slips properly.
And even if they’re not, hopefully their much cleverer sub-conscious mind might get that light-bulb moment and analyse it while dreaming. Who knows?

Come on, one day she goes “Ara kemm hu tal-flus Jowzef Muscat ax andu puuwl u andom tuu kars ukoll!!!”

The next day, she criticises him for wearing ‘cheap’ denim trousers, and criticises his wife for wearing ‘cheap rubber rain-boots’ and an ‘unbranded jacket’ during the 10th of March, Local council voting day. *sigh*

Some months earlier, she attempts to downgrade the PL leader saying she spotted him shopping at Primark for bargains at the U.K. sales.

Then she attacks once again by hollering out that she suspects some handbags of the wife of the potential future prime minister might be branded Gucci or Luis Vuitton. Oh, the horror of it all!! X’għarukaza how dare she even go within a meter’s distance from such ‘despicable brands’! Oh, My, God, what a downright scandal!!!


Come on baby, what were you expecting? That the wife of the leader of the opposition party wears some clown outfit by Desigual? Like this one you wear to court?


It’s SEJJJL at Desigwal!!! Ara sidri kemm jinġabar u jidher ippuppat aktar b’dawn il-bwiet fuqhom, tgħidx mhix ser immur inhallas ghal xi operation il-Kapwa!

Oh no heaven forbid!

Jew xi oħra, oh look OMG they’re wearing Burberry checks!!! Those aren’t genuine clothes, they’re clothes they bought off some flea market because they’re chavs!!! Jaħasra x’redneck trid tkun biex lanqas tista’ tiddeciedi jekk ghandekx tattakka lil xi ħadd ghax jilbes tad-ditta Burberry ghax sinjur, jew tattakkaħx ghax fqir. Vera ħawwadni ha nifhmek DCG. And quoting you as you say, “Majtezwel kijjp it app!!!”


U bis-serjeta’ nghidlek, “kijjp it app” DCG. Flok nikteb jien noqghodu nitpaxxew b’li tkun ktibt int.


Proset u grazzi.


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