Of excuses and justifications, and pornography.

No one can deny that we’ve currently got an entirely messy situation in parliament. A “froġa” par excellence.

What’s interesting are the excuses and justifications brought forward by various people regarding why this happened.

The PL are saying that it’s due to general discomfort created by cabinet ministers and the leading personas within the PN itself, irritating several backbenchers – basically all those who are only expected to keep their parliamentary seat warm and vote with the government. And they are righteously irritated because they’re constantly being told to keep their mouths shut and not dare criticise anything concerning GonziPN. Or else.

Let us not forget the un-named backbencher who spoke with Saviour Balzan and told him that he’d have joined Franco Debono himself but was forced to keep a low profile and his mouth shut tight since he’s got a wife and children! Smells of mafia-like pressure here!

The PN cabinet ministers and Lawrence Gonzi went all out against Dr Franco Debono initially, to the extent of even accusing him of mental instability. Then when they realised that their position wasn’t going to help to keep them in power till the end of the legislature they went all sweet and diplomatic with Debono, taking him out to meals, meeting him in secret, and all the works.

Since blaming everything on Franco Debono was counter-productive, GonziPN had to find another scapegoat. And fast. So all abruptly the PN decided to blame the loss of their one-seat majority in parliament resulting in government instability on Joseph Muscat and the PL. Since no feasible explanation on how this might have occurred could be found, they keep repeating ad nauseam that it’s the PL’s fault, even going to extreme measures like spreading the false news that the PL is encouraging North Korea to conduct nuclear tests! Pull the other one Dr Gonzi! By now I’m ready to bet my meagre bank savings that the next step would be spreading the rumour that if elected in government, Joseph Muscat would start World War III. Let’s wait and see.

But the funniest part remains, as always, DCG’s blog. She’s always the winner there. The party machinery have told her to quit attacking Franco Debono and embellishing her blog posts by posting a picture of a cock whenever she mentioned him. Strangely enough DCG has never as yet thrown the blame on the PL for destabilising GonziPN. She threw all her ire and vomit on Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando with no less than 7 or 8 blogs about him and his lovely partner and their private life in the last 48 hours. Suddenly Dr Pullicino Orlando is a traitor, because his partner of 10 years votes labour, she insists. Very incoherently since she fails to explain why he wasn’t a “traitor” in 2006, or in 2008. Or in 2003. Even though he had the same partner way back then. She never attacked him of being a traitor when he was married with Dr Marlene Pullicino, a PL member of parliament, and that had been since….. 20 years ago?

It’s really damn hard to try to follow the weird reasoning of a crazy menopausal woman (any volunteers care to come forward please?) But it can be entertaining on lazy weekends.

Even funnier was how Alice Vella (who as most of you know is DCG under a faked alias for facebook purposes) managed to get screenshots of the malware going around on facebook with metacafe videos and made a field-day about them. Sure, people not much versed in IT might go all horror of horrors on how come family gentlemen like Manuel Mallia and Stefan Buontempo got videos of porn posted on their facebook profile. But dear Alice, people on the internet know about malware and we all know how facebook is very susceptible.  People who frequent the net know that porn isn’t allowed at all on facebook, and that it only comes up through viruses or malware. That malware in question was something which if I were to find it on my profile and click it, it would automatically appear on the profiles of all my facebook friends. But anyway it’s useless explaining to you because you already knew it all and orchestrated it to appear otherwise. Unfortunately for you DCG, it’s not true that PL voters have a low IQ no matter how much you wish they have.

Then you have the nerve to attack the intelligent and beautiful mayor of Qormi, over nothing else but her choice of make-up.

I understand you, just a little bit there. It must feel bad looking like this:

when the mayor of Qormi, a PL mayor to boot, looks like this:


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