Alice Vella = Daphne Caruana Galizia? You decide.

What do you think? Obviously all the photos on that profile are fakes. Unless she dyes her hair every other day and also gets a tan and manages to remove it every other day. Plus every photo’s got different facial features.


It’s not the first time that I asked a person on facebook whether she was who I thought she was, or whether I knew her someplace, and but I never had anybody reiterating in such obnoxious and unfriendly manner! If she was for real I’d have wondered if this girl was thinking that I was going to stalk her or attack her or whatever.. instead of just asking a simple question!

She’s taking her time to answer now. A LOT of her time to answer…



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3 responses to “Alice Vella = Daphne Caruana Galizia? You decide.

  1. Busuttil Daniel

    Are you really Daphne?
    Alice Vella
    20 hours ago
    Alice Vella

    Are you retarded?
    Busuttil Daniel
    5 hours ago
    Busuttil Daniel

    What? No I don’t think so. I just asked you a question. You gave me the impression of being retarded yourself from the way you chose to go all belligerent and defensive on my comment instead of just writing out a simple ‘yes or no’ answer.
    Alice Vella
    2 hours ago
    Alice Vella

    There must be something wrong with your thought process if you can’t work out whether I am or not. It is simple enough to work out.
    Busuttil Daniel
    5 minutes ago
    Busuttil Daniel

    By refusing to answer my question you’re once more re-instating your opinion (about something being being wrong with my thought process). I am not asking for your opinion regarding my mental capabilities. Re-read my original post. And just answer yes, or no. It’s extremely simple. If you can’t work that out, then you really have a big problem.

  2. After receiving a plethora of insulting messages I gave up answering and blocked ‘Alice Vella’. What a dork of a person!

  3. Charlo

    Not sure if it’s her but 100% sure it’s a fake. If you google the image you find several results with the same picture many refering to porn sites.

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