Our Prime Minister, Dr Franco Debono

Dr Lawrence Gonzi will go down in Maltese history as a puppet PM led by the nose.
We all know why bulls have nose-rings and it isn’t because Dr Gonzi resembles a bull (far from it!) but because Franco Debono has successfully snapped a virtual nose-ring on him, months ago.

Pulling it will hurt so much that even a fierce bull would subdue and follow.

It’s clear  that Franco Debono always meant business. He wants to remain in power in order to effect the legislative changes which are priorities. Good for him, he’s entitled to his own opinion as to what’s a priority and what’s not. After all, he isn’t asking for anything outrageous but only for the introduction of  laws which have been in force in other EU member states for a long time, which incidentally is one of the reasons why I can’t understand all the hate and storms in teacups created every time he spoke. He won’t get the legislative changes he’s fighting for if he topples the government, so it goes without saying that he will never do so. He’s a clever guy.

But there’s the  “or else” factor  looming like a dark cloud over GonziPN meaning that Franco will be getting his way. All the time. Whether Lawrence Gonzi wants or not. And hello, isn’t Lawrence Gonzi supposed to be the Prime Minister?
What’s surprising to many is why Lawrence Gonzi chooses to remain in this very embarrassing position. Embarrassing for himself personally, embarrassing for himself as Prime Minister and embarrassing Malta. He’s in a hole, he’s holding the spade, and instead of filling it up he’s in he’s obeying orders and digging even deeper. Lawrence Gonzi and his minions appear all the more stupid for ostracising and demonising Franco Debono and his family to boot. Come on, it’s not as if this MP is petitioning to legalise hard drugs or abortion! Daphne Cachia Caruana Galizia even went to the extent of using the word ‘whore’ to describe – wait for it – Dr Debono’s mother of all people! Well, it’s not surprising coming from her, but doesn’t the Prime Minister realise that condoning such insults make him appear even more nauseating than DCG?

[Before DCG pipes up saying that anyone wants her to stop writing, NO. Please continue. I like hearing your opinion. What’s immoral is attacking and demonising private people in your blog, like the parents, girlfriends, children, cousins or any friends or relatives of public personas with the aim of bullying these people and hence force  the public person in question to “shut up”from expressing his opinion  or else their innocent friends and relatives will get bullied mercilessly on the internet in public for anybody to search and read even years from now. Actually, for the PL’s sake you should keep on justifying the means to achieve your ends and continue the irrational bullying. Do not worry, it won’t put the PN in bad light for condoning you! Ha-ha!]

Is it possible that Lawrence Gonzi isn’t realising all of this? Or perhaps he is too much of a wimp to stand up for himself?  That would be amazing. Not even Alfred Sant stooped so embarrassingly low but chose dignity over power after only 22 months as Prime Minister!
It makes more sense suspecting that there might have been somebody else more powerful than Franco Debono who got hold of the bull first. And who got hold of it from the testicles.  The idea of being forced gives a better sense of respect and security than that of seeing one’s own PM as a spineless wimp clung to remain in office at all cost.

The longer the PN clings to  power, the more painfully evident the Franco Debono factor becomes,  the deeper Lawrence Gonzi will dig his hole and the greater the PL victory will follow afterwards.
Hence it makes no sense assuming that the PL might have an interest or advantage were elections called now or within less than a year’s time. If any, the later the better.

The PL has been in opposition since 1987 now. That’s 25 years bar 22 months 16 years ago when the government then also had a one seat majority, a back-bencher disagreed with a Cottonera project (good for him since he was entitled to his opinion), then the PN in opposition agreed with this back-bencher that it was outrageous for Cottonera be sacrificed in such hideous manner (hey, is it just me or is there a sense of deja’ vu here?) and Dr Alfred Sant, not wanting to go down in history as being a puppet PM let by the nose called for general elections. That’s where the deja’ vu ends. Even more so since once in power guess what went first on the PN’s agenda ? Yes. That same ‘hideous’  Cottonera project they had voted against while on the opposition benches. Talk about principles. Their only aim was to bring down the government of the day,  Cottonera my ass. Unbelievable hypocrisy.

I have to take my hat off to Franco Debono for proving himself to be not only more clever than the Prime Minister but even cleverer than the bottoms heating up the seats of parliament on GonziPN’s side.

No wonder Lawrence Gonzi can’t even function as Prime Minister and is searching for people online to replace him a day at a time, giving an iPad as a reward!



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2 responses to “Our Prime Minister, Dr Franco Debono

  1. bis-serjeta

    Anki l-editur tat-Times qabel mighek xbin!

  2. anthony camilleri

    L-akbar laburist bhal issa huwa Franco Debono

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