PN executive condemns Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Jesmond Mugliett and Franco Debono

Seriously, does GonziPN believe that the entire Maltese population is composed of idiots?

Why all the hullabaloo about government backbenchers’ votes? Isn’t this a democratic country any more? Why threatening dissenting voters of having to “face the consequences”?

Alfred Sant never raised such hell when just one backbencher threatened government, by voting not to make the minister of justice resign, neither to have an ambassador who was abusing his powers to resign. In 1998 Alfred Sant  was man enough, and had the political balls to decide that for the good of the country, for the good of businesses and employment it was far better to have a government focused on the issues of the country rather than one which might spend years pondering partisan issues. And general elections were called just because the government wanted to improve Cottonera and designate it as a yacht marina. Those times, the PN opposition disagreed whole-heartedly, saying that by doing so the Labour Government was going to ruin Cottonera. The motion went forward. The PN pushed forward the motion for the Cottonera embellishment and the rest is history.

Nonetheless, as soon as the PN was in government, it all was like nothing had ever happened. And Cottonera got converted to a Yacht Marina within a couple of months. So much for consistency. They flushed down the drain all that they got from Dom Mintoff.


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