Vincent Farrugia, ABC, DCG, JB etc…who would you believe now?

So one fine day a person by the name of Sandro Chetcuti got accused of the attempted homicide of another person by the name of Vincent Farrugia.

Some months later, somehow and somewhat, the charge of “murder” had to be amended to one of “attempted bodily harm”. So far so good.

Even more months later when the trial actually started, the alleged victim Vincent Farrugia (a PN candidate and also Director General of the General Retailers and Traders Union (GRTU)) asked that the court views all the private messages on his mobile phone by demanding that the SIM card of his phone gets exhibited in court.

The defence lawyer quite intelligently countered the argument by saying that hence ALL phone messages should be available to the court, even those inside the memory of the phone and not just those inside the SIM card.

As a result, Vincent Farrugia’s phone got confiscated.

And here are the messages found in his phone. I publish these thanks to the newspaper MaltaToday, with all messages wholly reproduced spelling mistakes and all. No other newspaper had the guts to publish them:

Vincent Farrugia to Jean-Karl (his son and also the lawyer defending him):
Jan I’m thinking it’s better that I set the ball rolling u nixhed l-ewwel jien ghax I’m worried the others are mixing up and they are not saying that he was screaming at me “noqtlok, noqtlok as he was hitting me. And can’t belie they did not hear him” what do you think? Talk to Kris u fil-kas talk to Prosection toi call me first.”

What went on between Vincent Farrugia (left) and Philip Fenech (right):

GRTU vice-president Philip Fenech to GRTU President Vincent Farrugia:“No you wont I have the commissioner on our side he helped all the way called me about 4 times… The AC told me they are very strong and credible now I hope the doctors report is to..I will guide them what to be careful for when testifying and Manwels ways ! Leave it all to me the police will be helping us..luckelly we have very honest ones of the few left..I worked with them so I am home.”

Vincent Farrugia to Philip Fenech:
“Philip check with Jean if Sandro is in fact in Kordin.This morning he ordered Manwel Mallia toi make sure he does not sleep at Kordin.So money probably is already moving. If he did not tel Mario to pass on to Daphne. We must watch moves on a day by day. The pig must roast!”
Fenech confirmed that the message concerned GRTU official Mario Debono, whom the defence has established as having been a middleman to provide fodder for Malta Independent columnist Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blogs targeting Sandro Chetcuti. 

Philip Fenech to Vincent Farrugia:
Yes I am aware of all this..I am impressed how street wise you are..I have over 35years of night life sitting on the balcony seeing all these moves come out at the bar while they are on alcohol! Do not worry I am focused on this I have all the commissioners help and  Abraham..he will have to watch out on his corrupted people..cause they do anything for money hence all the drugs in there ! The director is strong on principle..the guy that killed himself inside was given a strong order of detention by him for causing trouble. I still have to work out how his father in law will act because I think he is still on the prison board!!
Abraham Zammit is the acting director for Corradino Prisons.

Philip Fenech to Vincent Farrugia:
And never underestimate Sandro. The flood of silly comments on are all organised but read Lou Bondi Sunday Times tomorrow. I still did not give them a photo. The trial will start soon they’l have enough then. Noel and Herman shoed me there piece and our lawyers vetted them. Better like this. Hope DCG MA TAFFIGIEX.

Vincent Farrugia to Philip Fenech:
And The comments must be organised as Lou, Noel and Matthew Vella [ editor] all told me messages of sympathy keep pouring in and out there hardly anyone says a good word for him. And I’ve been inundated with messages.anyway the trial hasn’t even started. Inti also keep Joe warm. Din it-tfajla/sinjura li ghandu gdida tafha? She a smart chick BOV divorsee.

Vincent Farrugia to Philip Fenech:
Ok he told me. Talk to Guido as he has influence on Manwel Mallia. Tell him how serious this was. Tell him how he is treathening people dwar meta jitla il-labour.

Philip Fenech to Vincent Farrugia:
Ok will do..just hope Gwido will remain here till the end when we can talk.

 In previous sittings, SMS messages sent out by GRTU director-general Vince Farrugia in the wake of his assault show he was in contact with Mario Debono, asking him to influence Malta Independent columnist Daphne Caruana Galizia to undermine his aggressor Sandro Chetcuti in her blog.

Daphne Caruana Galizia and Andrew Borg Cardona have insisted up to this day that there’s no hidden hand which commands them what they write (even though they mostly do a copy/paste of each other’s blogs).

Weirdly enough though, it’s nearly 2 days past these news and neither DCG nor ABC have retaliated stamping their feet saying that those sms’s aren’t portraying the truth.


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  1. Vince Farrugia bniedem skifuż u ahdar li jappoggja lil min ifaqqalu bhalma ghamel fl-2008 meta hareg lill-GRTU favur lis-shubija fl-EU mhux ghax kien jemmen fiha, iżda ghax offrewlu hafna cejca n-Nazzjonalisti. Igieghel lil haddiehor jikteb minfloku jew jikteb kontra xi hadd u jahbi idu. Farrugia bniedem bla principji li anke niesu stess li huma Laburisti Rabtin stmerrewh. Ma nehodhiex bi kbira li jasal biex jaghmel kollox biex johrog ta’ martri mill-kwistjoni ta’ Sandro Chetcuti, izda fortunatament sab ghadma iebsa f’Manwel Mallia.

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