Callous psychopath

Callous psychopath were the first words which sprang to mind when I read Daphne Caruana Galizia’s writing yesterday  , her response to the demise of Dom Mintoff aged 96, ex-Prime Minister of Malta.

BBC news describe him as “Known for his fiery rhetoric, he was a key figure in his country’s politics for almost half a century, becoming a supporter of its independence from Britain and overseeing its switch to a republic, and was involved in a protracted struggle to reduce the influence of the Catholic Church in Malta.” For more than half of the Maltese population, he’ll remain known as “Is-Salvatur ta’ Malta”. Malta’s saviour.

Certainly what Mrs Caruana Galizia wrote is not the product of a mind in full control of its senses.

Who in his or her right mind, would write such venom barely one hour after the decease of a person, a human being? I’m sure Mr Mintoff wouldn’t be giving a damn about her and her insults, he’s in a happy place now, unencumbered by his frail and ailing body. But what about his loved ones? His daughters, relatives, friends? And the many people who respect him and hold him in high regard? Shouldn’t they have been left to mourn in peace without word going all over the internet on how a mentally deranged overweight psychopathic menopausal with a face like a horse is cracking open her champagne and ‘celebrating’ his death as being the best birthday present she ever got?

Makes me wonder what type of presents she normally receives on her birthdays, this being the best one.

Rightly so, many replied to her blog. Unfortunately most of the replies were ones of hurt retaliation where they wished her worse than she wished on Dom Mintoff in the first place. She uploaded those comments with glee, following up with her own replies, in bold font, correcting typing errors, gloating on how hamalli people supporting Mintoff were, and even guessing the area where they live, ironically mentioning Arcipielku or however it’s written – an area which consisted of poor people living in despicable conditions and which Dom Mintoff himself rehabilitated it to one of the nicest and most picturesque places in the Maltese Islands!

But quite persistent were those replies saying “But Daphne, what did he do to you for you to hate him so much?”
Needless to say, these went unanswered. Unless they forgot the comma and hence got told off to learn English (sic!)

Here’s a classic example of her condescending, holier-than-thou attitude:

[Daphne – It’s Daphne, with a flat A and not an e, as in ‘cat’, which you probably pronounce ‘ket’ anyway.]

[Daphne – You are beyond redemption. The tragedy is that people like you have a vote, and if there are more of you than there are of anyone else, you get to decide who runs the country. If anyone doubted that formal education can only do so much with poor genetic material and to mitigate the influence of the home, all they have to do is read through the trash on this comments-board.]

[Daphne – Le, qalbi. Turi li qatt ma qrajt xejn li ktibt. Imma nissoponi li int tiblaghhom wahda sew – ostji, irrid nghid, u mhux xi hag’ ohra.]

[Daphne – Yes, I know. Don’t forget for one minute that I grew up in a Malta run by violent turds like you. I never thought you went away. You just raised the next generation. L-aqwa li jisimna Dale, bhal l-Inglizi li tant nobghodu. Effing freaks.]

A comment by a certain Pierre Fiorentino:

Daphne you need help believe me, psychiatric help I mean. You are truly sick. Maybe one day you will regret that you have made such comments.

[Daphne – Never. The only thing I regret is not being able to use on the internet the litany of pejoratives I have been using in speech all evening.]

About Maltese emigrants:

[Daphne – Yes, Frank, I know that you emigrated to Australia and that you’re a Mintoffian, because you told me. Not that you needed to, because practically all the Maltese who emigrated there were Mintoffians. And that can only be a good thing, because imagine if you’d all stayed here. The frigging bastard would still be prime minister.]

About Dom Mintoff and his supporters:

[Daphne – Well, what do you expect. These people are scum of the earth too. That’s why they like him so much.]

[Daphne – These are not arguments, anon, which is why I don’t bother with them. Condescension? Perhaps you think I should treat these people as my equals. They are clearly not and they know it, which is the root cause of their malice and frustration. Grammar is my particular interest.]

About Dom Mintoff’s relatives:

[Daphne – I don’t give a monkey’s cuss in hell if they are “passing through sad times”, just as they didn’t give a cuss in hell and lived as far away as possible when their bastard father made other people’s lives a misery back home in Malta.]

The very language and venom made me throw up a little in my mouth.

What’s disturbing is that her line of defence is all in the name of freedom of expression.

Excuse me, since when does freedom of expression mean that you can insult a deceased person by wishing him to rot in hell, and increase the sorrow already suffered by mourning friends and relatives? Since when does freedom of expression mean that one can publicise on the internet that certain people do not deserve to be treated as equals? (Hint, Norman Lowell, you have a point you can use as defence here!)Certainly Daphne isn’t the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to fundamental rights and freedom. She says she’s not religious, but for heaven’s sake even atheists have some kind of moral code – knowing of what’s right and wrong. There’s no need to be Catholic or even religious to have an inkling of morality, an inkling of how human beings behave in a civil manner. But then what would you expect, she couldn’t even raise her sons properly, with one of them trafficking drugs in the vicinity of a school!

Almost funny is how when she couldn’t criticise grammar, spelling or reply to the actual argument, she’d post telling the commenter to contact Dr Franco Debono and giving out his personal mobile number! Oh my, oh my the extent a sick mind goes down the drain! She wrote down his mobile number at least 4 or 5 times in her bold font replies. Is that freedom of expression as well? I wonder.

What word describes the kind of person who has no morals?

Psychopath is the word you’re looking for. Psychopathy is defined as having no regard for the rights or feelings of others, it is a personality disorder in psychology. When a psychopath is confronted, he or she will blame the victim or somebody else.


AP Psychology.
What’s even sicker is that not before long she’ll be gloating at the amount of hits on her website. Just the same way she did when not long ago the deceased was in hospital and she posted a similar blog saying how she’d crack open champagne and get ready to piss on his grave.. Her sick mind is all after fame. Even if it’s of the wrong kind. She already started in the same blog saying how she just approved 200 replies and still has more than 300 pending. Perhaps it’s to get a better deal with her sponsor School-girl mentality of the extreme warped version. Definitely sad to see on a woman pushing her 50’s.


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4 responses to “Callous psychopath

  1. brian

    Her name is actually spelt Daphne Caruana Malizia, the provocatuer par excellence actually.


  3. marianne grima

    fil hajja tieghi qatt ma ntqajt ma persuna dil kwalita jien nhoss li xi hadd gfhandu jintervieni ghax dan huwa agir imxajtan

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