It’s amazing how just one sentence uttered during yesterday’s “Inkontri” led to all hell breaking loose in a specific area of the internet blogging arena. DCG wrote 9 blogs in less than 24 hours, ABC another 2 or 3. Lou Bondi… well I didn’t really check the latter’s but presumably he’s still worrying about which excuses to find for kissing catholic crosses and taking religious oaths instead of solemn declarations after declaring that he had been an atheist for long years.


Back on topic, this time the truth really seared them like a hot iron. And incited  PN apologists to explain themselves, albeit in vain.

Of course they are doing more damage to the PN than to the PL. Ironically they’re harming the political party with which they claim to be so in love.

There are many reasons for this argument but allow me to mention only the ones that spring to mind. I’m not eager to…

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