Giving due credit to Daphne Caruana Galizia

In my previous blog I illustrated how she fits perfectly into the description of psychopath.

Well, it’s only fair to say that she’s very cunning as well.

Dom Mintoff was PM till 1981. That’s around the time when Daphne first got pregnant in her teens. Five years later Eddie Fenech Adami became PM.

And allow me to digress – what about the 2 major upheavals which happened during Labour administration ie free church schools and the reason of the doctors’ strike which was to have new graduates work at the state hospital for 2 years? Blood was shed during those upheavals. Many children whose parents were Labour sympathisers found themselves expelled from school.

1987 came and did Eddie Fenech Adami do anything about it?
Doctors are still to-date bound to work for 2 years at the state hospital. And church schools are still free. This is more than 30 years later. How come no strikes or protests occurred when the PN came in power in 1987? After all it wasn’t it the PN who was vehemently against these ideas and who organised those protests? I’d have expected otherwise, considering all the hullabaloo those times! Weird isn’t it?

Well, back on topic. DCG is cunning. She waited and waited. Then threw on the public, viewable world-wide (gosh I wish she hadn’t wrote it in English, would have spared us some international embarrassment!) blogs denigrating Dom Mintoff and his soul, barely an hour following his demise. And she’s keeping at it notwithstanding the body hasn’t been buried yet.

Her aim was perfectly achieved though. Hence the reason I give her credit for cunningness.

She caught PL supporters at their most vulnerable moment – the moment of mourning.

Mourning is that period where emotions are mixed and people are most susceptible. Some might feel love, and happiness for the soul who is now in a better place unencumbered by the frail and ailing body. Others might feel anger for death taking away our loved ones. Yet others would be engulfed in sorrow. Whatever one’s feelings, he’d always be at his most vulnerable at times of demise.

The last thought on anybody’s mind would be bad wishes for the deceased person. It’s hard enough to deal with the loss.

So yes, I give Daphne credit where it’s due. She timed her blogs perfectly to hit where it hurt most, and to get the most dramatic reactions possible to her obscenities.

And she succeeded and is gloating about them now. PSYCHOPATH that she is.



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8 responses to “Giving due credit to Daphne Caruana Galizia


  2. claudette

    Hekk hu ilqatt il-musmar fuq rasu! Jiena ma nghix li hija semplici mignuna imma, nemmen li dan xogholha u li mhijiex self-employed.

  3. Christian Thorn

    Will there be anyone that will ever shed a tear for Daphne Caruana Galizia?

    Take this thought and keep it always with you with every entry you put into the cess-pit you call your running commentary !

  4. Grace

    Well nothing she does would change the fact that she’s sick. Still I can’t understand why she says Mintoff spoilt her life, In my opinion getting married at 19 actually spoilt her life. Of course that would mean she was the one to spoil her own life, but she will never admit her mistakes.

  5. mario coleiro

    Li gara kien li hi ovvjament kienet kerha minn dejjem u l-biza taghha kien li hadd mhu ser jintriga biha, allura l-ewwel cans li giha (19 il-sena) hoblot biex il-bahnan Peter kellu jizzewwiga! Veru li spiss jiggieldu u spiss attakkatu fizikament, imma ta`l-anqas f’ghajnejn shaba tidher li ngabret! Veru wkoll li spiss jinstabu boroz tal-lastiku fil-karozza ta`Peter imma dik haga ohra u min jara r-ritratti taghha zgur ma`jistax itih tort! Issa l-uniku passatemp li ghanda u specjalment meta tara hafna nisa sbieh li hawn madwarna hu li tattakka u xxerred il-velenu fuq kullhadd! Zommu f’raskom li min jasal biex jipprova joqtol lill membru tal-familja tieghu, mhux ser jiddejjaq jaghmel hsara lill nies li ma jafhomx!

  6. marianne grima

    jien mhux ghajnuna psikjatrika ntiha imma nakkuza bi crime bhal ma sar ma persuni ohra ghax taf x’hini tghamel u hadd mhu fuq il ligi u ghandha tkun trattaha bhal hadd iehor ghax di mhix ahjar minn haddiehor u l-gustizza trid issir ma kulhadd l-istess jekk hawn gustizzja wara kollox ghax ma tanc jien konvintha !!!!!

  7. macky

    Well duffy dear , why not wake up and smell the coffee. You are surely considered not the brightest of them all. After all , you are just a two bit blogger , nothing else not even a regular columnist. Certainly not a journalist. So all that it makes you….just a simple two bit blogger , which after all can`t even take criticism from no one. It`s ok if you throw mud in someone`s face , but , God have mercy if someone criticises you. Some good advice for you , get back in that rubbish hole that you perched your pointy nose of. Malta surely does not need anyone which such hatred and malice like you. Today we saw a country united under one flag , giving a well deserved salute to a giant , something that you can , and never will get , because the Maltese people will never allow it. What you will get is just a small hole in the mud that you throw at people , something that you have earned with that rubbish you write.

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