Daphne Caruana Galizia two weights (GonziPN) two measures (PL)

This is NOT photoshopped

Is it breaking news if I write that DCG is a hypocrite?

Of course it isn’t!

DCG (rightly so) campaigns in favour of treating everybody equally. What’s wrong with her warped line of reasoning is that she restricts this argument to only where irregular immigrants are concerned (specifically those of a different skin colour). In fact, she regularly uses her poison pen to denigrate and insult the Romanian wife of one of Labour’s candidates by referring to her as a “mail order bride”. Now this fine lady is a qualified pharmacist if you please. Needless to say, she is also incomparable regarding style, education and general manners to DCG! (Note that I didn’t even dare mention ‘beauty’!)

Also DCG writes blatantly that she doesn’t consider Labour voters as her equal. She consistently writes that they’re a savage violent lot, with a low IQ and who don’t know how to read and write Hello, who’s been in charge of the Education Ministry for the past 25 years?. Also who’s been governing the entire country for the past 25 years? Isn’t a bit rich to describe half the population as such, considering that the majority of them were raised under a PN government?

She writes that PL supporters are hamalli. Now this is really rich coming from her. I’m enclosing a screenshot of her blog so you see for yourselves.

Pay special attention to the last paragraph:


Her latest line of attack is to track down PL supporters on facebook and put their photos, details, place of work etc on her blog. Their crime? Saying that they don’t agree with her. The sole aim is to try to get them in trouble at their work-place. A side-ways attempt of trying to shut up somebody by indirect threats to one’s income and one’s livelihood. (Freedom of speech anyone?)

In her warped mind she doesn’t even realise that the plethora of facebook groups created in her honour (!) and all the people posting their disgust are just doing so because they don’t agree with her. No, in her psychopathic and paranoid mind she shouts “Freedom of Speech!” as if somebody is preventing her from writing her blog. This is really funny. Well it would be, weren’t it the fruit of the heavily disturbed mind of a paranoid psychopath.




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4 responses to “Daphne Caruana Galizia two weights (GonziPN) two measures (PL)

  1. Stheno

    That 25 years of an education system reformed and run by the current administration has still, in DCG’s mind, produced half a population of what she frequently describes as ‘the underclass’ is an excellent point. It was either 25 years of (un)qualified success or quite the reverse. Naturally this is just another of DCG’s flame trolling tactics, in fact she writes that she wants to “draw them in further”. What the point of the stand alone GDP graph without a comparison to the correlation (or lack of) between the % growth compared to similar economies to as it were explain what DCG is saying only shows that she “cannot be fagged to explain it” because she, probably, doesn’t understand it herself. Had DCG wanted to make an objective and relevant point, she should have focused on the comparison 1970 to 1971 – 1987. Had the GDP dropped, then yes, DCG’s point would make sense. In any event, these are not the ramblings of, as you put it “a paranoid psychopath”, but those of a very competent ‘flame troll’. What is disturbing, as you rightly point out, is the development of posting peoples’ profiles on a DCG’s site, calling them ‘sub literate morons” (product of 25 years of?) and then writing: “Trid tkun Laburist Malti, insomma, biex tuza l-internet halli tipprova taghmel sarima ma’ halq in-nies. U ma tindunax bil-kontradizzjoni.”

  2. Mad cow

    there is a psychological profile of this mad cow here: malta-exposed.blogspot.com

  3. marianne grima

    miskina marida!!!!

  4. Nk

    bniedma mahmuga li taghmel l-arja ghax ghandha l-pulizija wara biebha. Izda min irid il-pulizija wara biebu???

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