Daphne Caruana Galizia’s pride and prejudice

Look, they photo-shopped a double chin on me, those cheap lejber elves aaaaaa!!!!

Look, they photo-shopped a double chin on me, those cheap lejber elves aaaaaa!!!!

She didn’t even notice that her double-chin wasn’t photo-shopped at all but only accentuated by having Lawrence Gonzi’s left shoulder in front of it!

Quoting Daphne:

And of course, to ratchet up the idiocy quotient, they take one of the most publicly available photographs of me off the photographer George Scintilla’s website, without his permission, and tack on an amateur Photoshop double chin like one of those fake beards we used to buy at the Magic Shop as children – ma jmurx xi hadd jghid ‘kemm ghandha ghonqa twil u sabih Defni, se nivvota PN ghax ghandi a neck fetish u dawk tal-Labour msieken kollha bla ghonq bhal Joseph u Kert Farrugia.

Imagine even being jealous of a neck, for crying out loud.

I have a neck and they don’t, and we can’t have that can we, because it goes against socialist principles and unfortunately necks don’t fall within the Karl Marx guidelines for redistribution of wealth.

Poor old girl, she was so horrified seeing her face  splashed out on billboards throughout the country that she couldn’t accept her photo being real and started stamping her feet and throwing a tantrum yelling that her face was purposely photo-shopped to look even uglier with a double chin! So much for convent school-girl mentality.

Dear Daphne, rest assured that photo-shopping your face to make you look uglier was the last thing on the mind of the designers of that billboard.

Unlike you, normal people don’t give a shit on how you or other people look physically. It’s character, good-nature, sincerity and respect for others –  especially respect for people who have a different opinion which counts.  And as regards your internal ugliness and murky hatred-filled character, not even the Good Lord would be able to photo-shop that out!

(And by the way, no you don’t have a neck. Your minuscule chin just fades down to your chest. Now if you would call that a neck I might say that I just grew boobs).

I also wonder how come you constantly criticise the receding hair-lines of PL members. They’re men. One expects their hairline to recede. On the other hand……….

Sigh, and please learn Maltese if you want to write it. It’s ghonqha not ghonqa.

Where has the hair on her temples gone?


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