Daphne Caruana Galizia goes for jealous woman-gossip, right after Muscat-Gonzi on Xarabank and Franco Debono on Affari Taghna.

The title states nothing new. But this is rich coming from DCG: spouting a series of blogs just right after Gonzi’s encounter with Joseph Muscat on TVM, and Franco Debono being hosted on One TV during Affari Taghna at the same time.

Any mention of what Franco Debono said? No.

Any mention of what Joseph Muscat said? No.

Any mention of what Lawrence Gonzi said? No. (And here’s where it gets weirder and weirder).

So what was the topic of the blog of running-diarrhoea-bile this time?
– Drumroll –

You won’t believe this.
Unless you’re an avid DCG reader.

Marlene Mizzi’s physical appearance.


Yes I facepalm for the extremely poor photo-shopping attempt made on Ms. Mizzi (The photo shown here is the REAL Ms. Mizzi not the photoshopped one from Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog).

DCG tried to deviate her PN-sheep by not uttering a word on what happened during Xarabank or Affari Taghna.  Obviously so, because there was nothing she could find to denigrate. Gonzi left a very bad impression.

So she went into ‘random mode’ and got a (very untrained) person to photoshop Marlene Mizzi into looking “fat and evil” and blogged twice and trice and more on how she (Daphne) was leaning on the table of the drinks bar and fell down…..  And obviously she illustrates further that it had been Ms Marlene Mizzi who forced her down….. *sigh* Because she can’t just blog that she was drunken-blind, as is normal for her every night when she blogs 13 times in a night between 11 pm and 5 am.

Obviously she can’t blog that Ms Marlene Mizzi is short (as she usually tries to do with the rest of PL sympathisers), since Ms Mizzi towers over Daphne’s “towering 5’6” (poor old lady she thinks she’s a tall person at 5ft 6 lol) , is much slimmer and of a much more beautiful and fair complexion .

Oh, the pity of it Daphne, do you suggest we determine a person’s capability of running the country by the size of his or her back or upper-arms now?

If that were so, Lawrence Gonzi would fail miserably!

DCG should have given her past couple of blogs  the title of “il-par idejn sodi ta’ Marlene”.

While placing a disclaimer of course – that of herself being drunk at the bar. If she fell, she shouldn’t blame others. Put the blame on your own drunk stinky-alcoholic self. Twerp.

Now laugh at the feeble attempt of photoshopping of Ms Marlene Mizzi.

Just check her right hand to see the most obvious photoshopping evidence. See how her dress gets at a very weird angle there…..

And check out the rest…..

Daphne Caruana Galizia does photoshop

Daphne Caruana Galizia does photoshop

Vera tal-biki. Jew tad-dahk? Ma nafx!


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One response to “Daphne Caruana Galizia goes for jealous woman-gossip, right after Muscat-Gonzi on Xarabank and Franco Debono on Affari Taghna.

  1. And notice the lack of etiquette:
    She says “when you see ‘this’ coming”
    Oh no. Come on, DCG now refers to a person opposing her favorite party as ‘this’? How low can she go?

    And I’d like feedback on the ‘right-angled-photoshop’ as illustrated above too.
    Now that it’s shown it’s really funny, isn’t it?
    Daphne Caruana Galizia should have chosen a better artist more proficient at photoshopping if she wanted to portray Ms.Mizzi’s back in that manner!

    I just can’t stop laughing at this one!!!!

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