Not much of a choice isn’t it?

Ara biex qed jippruvaw ifottu.


GonziPN on or whatever. As if anybody would click on that website.


They’ve put an advert on FACEBOOK.


Of all places. I wish the “sahhara tal-Bidnija” saw this. Probably she did, but she had no choice except to ignore it. Heqq, m’hix ser iddardar l-ilma li tixrob minnu! U tghidx m’hix ser taqa’ fil-bassezzi li tikkwota l-facebook?!? She only prayed vehemently to her hoofed god to let it all pass by without anyone noticing!


Il-hasra li l-Gvern stess ta’ GonziPN qed jitfa’ dan ir-racanc. Mhux talli qed jitfghu fuq facebook imma talli qed ihallas lill-istess facebook biex jippublikah bhala advert.



U leeeeeeeee………. tal-biki!!!!!!!!!

Plagiarising an author’s “shades of grey”. And paying FACEBOOK for an advert for GonziPN?

And justifying it by photoshopping a tie in a blue colour. Who is paying for this advert actually? We wonder………


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