Austin Gatt – a totally incompetent Minister for I.T.

How shameful. The Minister responsible for (wait for it!)….  Information Technology doesn’t know that the date of an email changes according to the regional settings of the operating system of the computer it is printed from!

Put more simply, I can copy my emails from my computer, put them on a pen drive, or hard-disk or whatever. Travel to China and find a computer using Windows in Chinese. When I’d print that email the body of the email will remain in its original language but the date would show up in Chinese. Even if that email is dated 2004 (or 1998 or whatever).
And about the ‘Ġ’. Honestly Mr. Minister… if you squint a bit you might see the dot above the letter. Granted the photograph is very noisy and of low quality, but the dot is there.

Compare the ‘G’ in ‘George’ and the one in ‘Ġunju’ in the images below and it becomes very clear.












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