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Please quit the primitive behaviour

How low can the PN go? They send a letter wishing a happy birthday, and in the same sentence say that on his birthday he should send a donation to Simon Busuttil’s political party.
That party’s finished, it’s the lowest they could ever go.

maltese nationalist party begging for donations on birthdays

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PN Meeting Naxxar

daphne caruana galizia pn daphne caruana galizia

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February 24, 2013 · 23:01

Not much of a choice isn’t it?

Ara biex qed jippruvaw ifottu.


GonziPN on mychoice.pn or whatever. As if anybody would click on that website.


They’ve put an advert on FACEBOOK.


Of all places. I wish the “sahhara tal-Bidnija” saw this. Probably she did, but she had no choice except to ignore it. Heqq, m’hix ser iddardar l-ilma li tixrob minnu! U tghidx m’hix ser taqa’ fil-bassezzi li tikkwota l-facebook?!? She only prayed vehemently to her hoofed god to let it all pass by without anyone noticing!


Il-hasra li l-Gvern stess ta’ GonziPN qed jitfa’ dan ir-racanc. Mhux talli qed jitfghu fuq facebook imma talli qed ihallas lill-istess facebook biex jippublikah bhala advert.



U leeeeeeeee………. tal-biki!!!!!!!!!

Plagiarising an author’s “shades of grey”. And paying FACEBOOK for an advert for GonziPN?

And justifying it by photoshopping a tie in a blue colour. Who is paying for this advert actually? We wonder………

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Who did Daphne vote in 1987?


Michael Vella (tal-liftijiet) is Daphne’s father. (at 0:40 seconds, the bald man with large glasses)

No, Daphne’s family didn’t trust Eddie Fenech Adami in 1987.

Michael Vella, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s father, formed another political party, not Farfett or Spiru Sant, but Partit Demokratiku Malti or PDM.

They didn’t want EFA in Government, one wonders why?

Michael Vella tal-Liftijiet, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s father, contesting the 1987 election not with the PN under Eddie Fenech Adami but with ‘Partit Demokratiku Malti’.

How many first-count votes did Michael Vella, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s father, get in 1987 when contesting the election against Eddie Fenech Adami and the PN?

I wonder when ‘PDM’ was dissolved. I never heard of them. Have you?

I also wonder if it was a case of “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

And finally, why not PN and EFA? Why did Daphne Caruana Galizia’s father set up his own political party and not contest the elections with the PN and Eddie Fenech Adami?


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Daphne Caruana Galizia’s pride and prejudice

Look, they photo-shopped a double chin on me, those cheap lejber elves aaaaaa!!!!

Look, they photo-shopped a double chin on me, those cheap lejber elves aaaaaa!!!!

She didn’t even notice that her double-chin wasn’t photo-shopped at all but only accentuated by having Lawrence Gonzi’s left shoulder in front of it!

Quoting Daphne:

And of course, to ratchet up the idiocy quotient, they take one of the most publicly available photographs of me off the photographer George Scintilla’s website, without his permission, and tack on an amateur Photoshop double chin like one of those fake beards we used to buy at the Magic Shop as children – ma jmurx xi hadd jghid ‘kemm ghandha ghonqa twil u sabih Defni, se nivvota PN ghax ghandi a neck fetish u dawk tal-Labour msieken kollha bla ghonq bhal Joseph u Kert Farrugia.

Imagine even being jealous of a neck, for crying out loud.

I have a neck and they don’t, and we can’t have that can we, because it goes against socialist principles and unfortunately necks don’t fall within the Karl Marx guidelines for redistribution of wealth.

Poor old girl, she was so horrified seeing her face  splashed out on billboards throughout the country that she couldn’t accept her photo being real and started stamping her feet and throwing a tantrum yelling that her face was purposely photo-shopped to look even uglier with a double chin! So much for convent school-girl mentality.

Dear Daphne, rest assured that photo-shopping your face to make you look uglier was the last thing on the mind of the designers of that billboard.

Unlike you, normal people don’t give a shit on how you or other people look physically. It’s character, good-nature, sincerity and respect for others –  especially respect for people who have a different opinion which counts.  And as regards your internal ugliness and murky hatred-filled character, not even the Good Lord would be able to photo-shop that out!

(And by the way, no you don’t have a neck. Your minuscule chin just fades down to your chest. Now if you would call that a neck I might say that I just grew boobs).

I also wonder how come you constantly criticise the receding hair-lines of PL members. They’re men. One expects their hairline to recede. On the other hand……….

Sigh, and please learn Maltese if you want to write it. It’s ghonqha not ghonqa.

Where has the hair on her temples gone?

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What has Gonzi done? Created 2,000 jobs? Or was it 20,000 or 200,000? Whatever it was, it was very funny. Sarcasm par excellence!



Meta tela’ EFA fil-gvern fl-1987 hadd ma ppretenda li konna se mmorru lura ghaz-zminijiet ta’ Gorg Borg Olivier fejn in-nisa ma kellhomx vot, meta il-fatt li tkun omosesswali kien reat u kont tispicca l-habs, u fejn il-Knisja kienet tichad l-assoluzzjoni lill-Laburisti u sahansitra tidfinhom go mizbla, u meta n-nisa kienu mhallsa inqas mill-irgiel u mgieghla jitilqu mix-xoghol malli jizzewgu. Meta ghax KMB ried li l-iskejjel tal-Knisja jkunu mhallsa mill-gvern flok mill-poplu (kif ghadhom sal-gurnata mqaddsa tal-lum!) qam kjass shih! Dan biex ma nsemmux ukoll il-qtil makabru ta’ Karin Grech (li EFA ftahar li jaf min wettqu u fl-istess nifs kien qal fl-2008 li Alfred Sant ma halliex lil ibnu jidhol l-universita’ u wehel ma nafx kemm il-elf multa talli gideb), ta’ Raymond Cardona, tat-tfigh tal-balavostri waqt meeting tal-PL. Dejjem vjolenza kontu. Qabel kienet vjolenza fizika , issa vjolenza morali bis-sahha ta’ nies bhal Daphne Caruana Galizia. Mela sewwa, ghax Joseph Grima esprima opinjoni fejn maqdar opinjoni ta haddiehor jinholoq skandlu. Dan jibqa allavolja is-sur Grima irrizenja. Tapprofittaw ruhhkom. Imbaghad ghandkom lil Daphne, li mhux biss tesprimi opinjoni imma tikteb blogs oxxeni fejn tghid li lesta tbul fuq oqbra u tifrah bl-imwiet ta’ persuni li kienu parti mill-partit laburista fis-sebghinijiet. … . 40 sena ilu . … . Madoffi din kif kellha dil-mibgheda mindu kellha xi ghaxar snin? Jew vera kaz mediku jew imhallsa bil-kbir biex lesta tivvinta daqsekk!
Issa ghalfejn qeghdin tghidu li kieku kellu jitla PL gdid immexxi miz-zghazagh fl-2013 se mmorru lura ghas-sebghinijiet? EFA hekk ghamel fl-1987? Mar lura fl-1960’s ta’ Gorg Borg Olivier? Ghalfejn qed tassumu li Gvern Laburista Gdid se jmexxi kollox 40 sena lura?? Ghalfejn din il-politika ta’ twerwir? Tahsbu li l-poplu Malti hu daqshekk injorant li jemminkom? Qabel forsi.. . . imma issa?
Mhux ahjar taraw x’intom taghmlu bhala partit bhalissa u kif qed tmexxu l-pajjiz? Mela jigi Tonio Fenech u jipprova jitfa’ l-akkuza fuq il-PL biex isolvi l-problemi finanzjarji tal-pajjiz?? Mela mhux kapaci jmexxi l-finanzi tal-Gvern wahdu? Jrid l-ghajnuna tal-PL issa? Tafu li intom qeghdin fil-gvern, jew le?
Mela jigi Joe Cassar u jittallab jistaqsi dwar kif Joseph Muscat bi hsiebu jmexxi l-Isptar? Jaf l-Onor. Joe Cassar li HUWA hu l-Ministru responsabbli ghas-sahha? Jew forsi nesa?

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Daphne Caruana Galizia two weights (GonziPN) two measures (PL)

This is NOT photoshopped

Is it breaking news if I write that DCG is a hypocrite?

Of course it isn’t!

DCG (rightly so) campaigns in favour of treating everybody equally. What’s wrong with her warped line of reasoning is that she restricts this argument to only where irregular immigrants are concerned (specifically those of a different skin colour). In fact, she regularly uses her poison pen to denigrate and insult the Romanian wife of one of Labour’s candidates by referring to her as a “mail order bride”. Now this fine lady is a qualified pharmacist if you please. Needless to say, she is also incomparable regarding style, education and general manners to DCG! (Note that I didn’t even dare mention ‘beauty’!)

Also DCG writes blatantly that she doesn’t consider Labour voters as her equal. She consistently writes that they’re a savage violent lot, with a low IQ and who don’t know how to read and write Hello, who’s been in charge of the Education Ministry for the past 25 years?. Also who’s been governing the entire country for the past 25 years? Isn’t a bit rich to describe half the population as such, considering that the majority of them were raised under a PN government?

She writes that PL supporters are hamalli. Now this is really rich coming from her. I’m enclosing a screenshot of her blog so you see for yourselves.

Pay special attention to the last paragraph:


Her latest line of attack is to track down PL supporters on facebook and put their photos, details, place of work etc on her blog. Their crime? Saying that they don’t agree with her. The sole aim is to try to get them in trouble at their work-place. A side-ways attempt of trying to shut up somebody by indirect threats to one’s income and one’s livelihood. (Freedom of speech anyone?)

In her warped mind she doesn’t even realise that the plethora of facebook groups created in her honour (!) and all the people posting their disgust are just doing so because they don’t agree with her. No, in her psychopathic and paranoid mind she shouts “Freedom of Speech!” as if somebody is preventing her from writing her blog. This is really funny. Well it would be, weren’t it the fruit of the heavily disturbed mind of a paranoid psychopath.



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