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Please quit the primitive behaviour

How low can the PN go? They send a letter wishing a happy birthday, and in the same sentence say that on his birthday he should send a donation to Simon Busuttil’s political party.
That party’s finished, it’s the lowest they could ever go.

maltese nationalist party begging for donations on birthdays

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PN Meeting Naxxar

daphne caruana galizia pn daphne caruana galizia

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February 24, 2013 · 23:01

Not much of a choice isn’t it?

Ara biex qed jippruvaw ifottu.


GonziPN on mychoice.pn or whatever. As if anybody would click on that website.


They’ve put an advert on FACEBOOK.


Of all places. I wish the “sahhara tal-Bidnija” saw this. Probably she did, but she had no choice except to ignore it. Heqq, m’hix ser iddardar l-ilma li tixrob minnu! U tghidx m’hix ser taqa’ fil-bassezzi li tikkwota l-facebook?!? She only prayed vehemently to her hoofed god to let it all pass by without anyone noticing!


Il-hasra li l-Gvern stess ta’ GonziPN qed jitfa’ dan ir-racanc. Mhux talli qed jitfghu fuq facebook imma talli qed ihallas lill-istess facebook biex jippublikah bhala advert.



U leeeeeeeee………. tal-biki!!!!!!!!!

Plagiarising an author’s “shades of grey”. And paying FACEBOOK for an advert for GonziPN?

And justifying it by photoshopping a tie in a blue colour. Who is paying for this advert actually? We wonder………

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Who did Daphne vote in 1987?


Michael Vella (tal-liftijiet) is Daphne’s father. (at 0:40 seconds, the bald man with large glasses)

No, Daphne’s family didn’t trust Eddie Fenech Adami in 1987.

Michael Vella, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s father, formed another political party, not Farfett or Spiru Sant, but Partit Demokratiku Malti or PDM.

They didn’t want EFA in Government, one wonders why?

Michael Vella tal-Liftijiet, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s father, contesting the 1987 election not with the PN under Eddie Fenech Adami but with ‘Partit Demokratiku Malti’.

How many first-count votes did Michael Vella, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s father, get in 1987 when contesting the election against Eddie Fenech Adami and the PN?

I wonder when ‘PDM’ was dissolved. I never heard of them. Have you?

I also wonder if it was a case of “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

And finally, why not PN and EFA? Why did Daphne Caruana Galizia’s father set up his own political party and not contest the elections with the PN and Eddie Fenech Adami?


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Daphne Caruana Galizia’s pride and prejudice

Look, they photo-shopped a double chin on me, those cheap lejber elves aaaaaa!!!!

Look, they photo-shopped a double chin on me, those cheap lejber elves aaaaaa!!!!

She didn’t even notice that her double-chin wasn’t photo-shopped at all but only accentuated by having Lawrence Gonzi’s left shoulder in front of it!

Quoting Daphne:

And of course, to ratchet up the idiocy quotient, they take one of the most publicly available photographs of me off the photographer George Scintilla’s website, without his permission, and tack on an amateur Photoshop double chin like one of those fake beards we used to buy at the Magic Shop as children – ma jmurx xi hadd jghid ‘kemm ghandha ghonqa twil u sabih Defni, se nivvota PN ghax ghandi a neck fetish u dawk tal-Labour msieken kollha bla ghonq bhal Joseph u Kert Farrugia.

Imagine even being jealous of a neck, for crying out loud.

I have a neck and they don’t, and we can’t have that can we, because it goes against socialist principles and unfortunately necks don’t fall within the Karl Marx guidelines for redistribution of wealth.

Poor old girl, she was so horrified seeing her face  splashed out on billboards throughout the country that she couldn’t accept her photo being real and started stamping her feet and throwing a tantrum yelling that her face was purposely photo-shopped to look even uglier with a double chin! So much for convent school-girl mentality.

Dear Daphne, rest assured that photo-shopping your face to make you look uglier was the last thing on the mind of the designers of that billboard.

Unlike you, normal people don’t give a shit on how you or other people look physically. It’s character, good-nature, sincerity and respect for others –  especially respect for people who have a different opinion which counts.  And as regards your internal ugliness and murky hatred-filled character, not even the Good Lord would be able to photo-shop that out!

(And by the way, no you don’t have a neck. Your minuscule chin just fades down to your chest. Now if you would call that a neck I might say that I just grew boobs).

I also wonder how come you constantly criticise the receding hair-lines of PL members. They’re men. One expects their hairline to recede. On the other hand……….

Sigh, and please learn Maltese if you want to write it. It’s ghonqha not ghonqa.

Where has the hair on her temples gone?

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What has Gonzi done? Created 2,000 jobs? Or was it 20,000 or 200,000? Whatever it was, it was very funny. Sarcasm par excellence!



Meta tela’ EFA fil-gvern fl-1987 hadd ma ppretenda li konna se mmorru lura ghaz-zminijiet ta’ Gorg Borg Olivier fejn in-nisa ma kellhomx vot, meta il-fatt li tkun omosesswali kien reat u kont tispicca l-habs, u fejn il-Knisja kienet tichad l-assoluzzjoni lill-Laburisti u sahansitra tidfinhom go mizbla, u meta n-nisa kienu mhallsa inqas mill-irgiel u mgieghla jitilqu mix-xoghol malli jizzewgu. Meta ghax KMB ried li l-iskejjel tal-Knisja jkunu mhallsa mill-gvern flok mill-poplu (kif ghadhom sal-gurnata mqaddsa tal-lum!) qam kjass shih! Dan biex ma nsemmux ukoll il-qtil makabru ta’ Karin Grech (li EFA ftahar li jaf min wettqu u fl-istess nifs kien qal fl-2008 li Alfred Sant ma halliex lil ibnu jidhol l-universita’ u wehel ma nafx kemm il-elf multa talli gideb), ta’ Raymond Cardona, tat-tfigh tal-balavostri waqt meeting tal-PL. Dejjem vjolenza kontu. Qabel kienet vjolenza fizika , issa vjolenza morali bis-sahha ta’ nies bhal Daphne Caruana Galizia. Mela sewwa, ghax Joseph Grima esprima opinjoni fejn maqdar opinjoni ta haddiehor jinholoq skandlu. Dan jibqa allavolja is-sur Grima irrizenja. Tapprofittaw ruhhkom. Imbaghad ghandkom lil Daphne, li mhux biss tesprimi opinjoni imma tikteb blogs oxxeni fejn tghid li lesta tbul fuq oqbra u tifrah bl-imwiet ta’ persuni li kienu parti mill-partit laburista fis-sebghinijiet. … . 40 sena ilu . … . Madoffi din kif kellha dil-mibgheda mindu kellha xi ghaxar snin? Jew vera kaz mediku jew imhallsa bil-kbir biex lesta tivvinta daqsekk!
Issa ghalfejn qeghdin tghidu li kieku kellu jitla PL gdid immexxi miz-zghazagh fl-2013 se mmorru lura ghas-sebghinijiet? EFA hekk ghamel fl-1987? Mar lura fl-1960′s ta’ Gorg Borg Olivier? Ghalfejn qed tassumu li Gvern Laburista Gdid se jmexxi kollox 40 sena lura?? Ghalfejn din il-politika ta’ twerwir? Tahsbu li l-poplu Malti hu daqshekk injorant li jemminkom? Qabel forsi.. . . imma issa?
Mhux ahjar taraw x’intom taghmlu bhala partit bhalissa u kif qed tmexxu l-pajjiz? Mela jigi Tonio Fenech u jipprova jitfa’ l-akkuza fuq il-PL biex isolvi l-problemi finanzjarji tal-pajjiz?? Mela mhux kapaci jmexxi l-finanzi tal-Gvern wahdu? Jrid l-ghajnuna tal-PL issa? Tafu li intom qeghdin fil-gvern, jew le?
Mela jigi Joe Cassar u jittallab jistaqsi dwar kif Joseph Muscat bi hsiebu jmexxi l-Isptar? Jaf l-Onor. Joe Cassar li HUWA hu l-Ministru responsabbli ghas-sahha? Jew forsi nesa?

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Daphne Caruana Galizia two weights (GonziPN) two measures (PL)

This is NOT photoshopped

Is it breaking news if I write that DCG is a hypocrite?

Of course it isn’t!

DCG (rightly so) campaigns in favour of treating everybody equally. What’s wrong with her warped line of reasoning is that she restricts this argument to only where irregular immigrants are concerned (specifically those of a different skin colour). In fact, she regularly uses her poison pen to denigrate and insult the Romanian wife of one of Labour’s candidates by referring to her as a “mail order bride”. Now this fine lady is a qualified pharmacist if you please. Needless to say, she is also incomparable regarding style, education and general manners to DCG! (Note that I didn’t even dare mention ‘beauty’!)

Also DCG writes blatantly that she doesn’t consider Labour voters as her equal. She consistently writes that they’re a savage violent lot, with a low IQ and who don’t know how to read and write Hello, who’s been in charge of the Education Ministry for the past 25 years?. Also who’s been governing the entire country for the past 25 years? Isn’t a bit rich to describe half the population as such, considering that the majority of them were raised under a PN government?

She writes that PL supporters are hamalli. Now this is really rich coming from her. I’m enclosing a screenshot of her blog so you see for yourselves.

Pay special attention to the last paragraph:


Her latest line of attack is to track down PL supporters on facebook and put their photos, details, place of work etc on her blog. Their crime? Saying that they don’t agree with her. The sole aim is to try to get them in trouble at their work-place. A side-ways attempt of trying to shut up somebody by indirect threats to one’s income and one’s livelihood. (Freedom of speech anyone?)

In her warped mind she doesn’t even realise that the plethora of facebook groups created in her honour (!) and all the people posting their disgust are just doing so because they don’t agree with her. No, in her psychopathic and paranoid mind she shouts “Freedom of Speech!” as if somebody is preventing her from writing her blog. This is really funny. Well it would be, weren’t it the fruit of the heavily disturbed mind of a paranoid psychopath.



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Giving due credit to Daphne Caruana Galizia

In my previous blog I illustrated how she fits perfectly into the description of psychopath.

Well, it’s only fair to say that she’s very cunning as well.

Dom Mintoff was PM till 1981. That’s around the time when Daphne first got pregnant in her teens. Five years later Eddie Fenech Adami became PM.

And allow me to digress – what about the 2 major upheavals which happened during Labour administration ie free church schools and the reason of the doctors’ strike which was to have new graduates work at the state hospital for 2 years? Blood was shed during those upheavals. Many children whose parents were Labour sympathisers found themselves expelled from school.

1987 came and did Eddie Fenech Adami do anything about it?
Doctors are still to-date bound to work for 2 years at the state hospital. And church schools are still free. This is more than 30 years later. How come no strikes or protests occurred when the PN came in power in 1987? After all it wasn’t it the PN who was vehemently against these ideas and who organised those protests? I’d have expected otherwise, considering all the hullabaloo those times! Weird isn’t it?

Well, back on topic. DCG is cunning. She waited and waited. Then threw on the public, viewable world-wide (gosh I wish she hadn’t wrote it in English, would have spared us some international embarrassment!) blogs denigrating Dom Mintoff and his soul, barely an hour following his demise. And she’s keeping at it notwithstanding the body hasn’t been buried yet.

Her aim was perfectly achieved though. Hence the reason I give her credit for cunningness.

She caught PL supporters at their most vulnerable moment – the moment of mourning.

Mourning is that period where emotions are mixed and people are most susceptible. Some might feel love, and happiness for the soul who is now in a better place unencumbered by the frail and ailing body. Others might feel anger for death taking away our loved ones. Yet others would be engulfed in sorrow. Whatever one’s feelings, he’d always be at his most vulnerable at times of demise.

The last thought on anybody’s mind would be bad wishes for the deceased person. It’s hard enough to deal with the loss.

So yes, I give Daphne credit where it’s due. She timed her blogs perfectly to hit where it hurt most, and to get the most dramatic reactions possible to her obscenities.

And she succeeded and is gloating about them now. PSYCHOPATH that she is.


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Callous psychopath

Callous psychopath were the first words which sprang to mind when I read Daphne Caruana Galizia’s writing yesterday  , her response to the demise of Dom Mintoff aged 96, ex-Prime Minister of Malta.

BBC news describe him as “Known for his fiery rhetoric, he was a key figure in his country’s politics for almost half a century, becoming a supporter of its independence from Britain and overseeing its switch to a republic, and was involved in a protracted struggle to reduce the influence of the Catholic Church in Malta.” For more than half of the Maltese population, he’ll remain known as “Is-Salvatur ta’ Malta”. Malta’s saviour.

Certainly what Mrs Caruana Galizia wrote is not the product of a mind in full control of its senses.

Who in his or her right mind, would write such venom barely one hour after the decease of a person, a human being? I’m sure Mr Mintoff wouldn’t be giving a damn about her and her insults, he’s in a happy place now, unencumbered by his frail and ailing body. But what about his loved ones? His daughters, relatives, friends? And the many people who respect him and hold him in high regard? Shouldn’t they have been left to mourn in peace without word going all over the internet on how a mentally deranged overweight psychopathic menopausal with a face like a horse is cracking open her champagne and ‘celebrating’ his death as being the best birthday present she ever got?

Makes me wonder what type of presents she normally receives on her birthdays, this being the best one.

Rightly so, many replied to her blog. Unfortunately most of the replies were ones of hurt retaliation where they wished her worse than she wished on Dom Mintoff in the first place. She uploaded those comments with glee, following up with her own replies, in bold font, correcting typing errors, gloating on how hamalli people supporting Mintoff were, and even guessing the area where they live, ironically mentioning Arcipielku or however it’s written – an area which consisted of poor people living in despicable conditions and which Dom Mintoff himself rehabilitated it to one of the nicest and most picturesque places in the Maltese Islands!

But quite persistent were those replies saying “But Daphne, what did he do to you for you to hate him so much?”
Needless to say, these went unanswered. Unless they forgot the comma and hence got told off to learn English (sic!)

Here’s a classic example of her condescending, holier-than-thou attitude:

[Daphne - It's Daphne, with a flat A and not an e, as in 'cat', which you probably pronounce 'ket' anyway.]

[Daphne - You are beyond redemption. The tragedy is that people like you have a vote, and if there are more of you than there are of anyone else, you get to decide who runs the country. If anyone doubted that formal education can only do so much with poor genetic material and to mitigate the influence of the home, all they have to do is read through the trash on this comments-board.]

[Daphne - Le, qalbi. Turi li qatt ma qrajt xejn li ktibt. Imma nissoponi li int tiblaghhom wahda sew - ostji, irrid nghid, u mhux xi hag' ohra.]

[Daphne - Yes, I know. Don't forget for one minute that I grew up in a Malta run by violent turds like you. I never thought you went away. You just raised the next generation. L-aqwa li jisimna Dale, bhal l-Inglizi li tant nobghodu. Effing freaks.]

A comment by a certain Pierre Fiorentino:

Daphne you need help believe me, psychiatric help I mean. You are truly sick. Maybe one day you will regret that you have made such comments.

[Daphne - Never. The only thing I regret is not being able to use on the internet the litany of pejoratives I have been using in speech all evening.]

About Maltese emigrants:

[Daphne - Yes, Frank, I know that you emigrated to Australia and that you're a Mintoffian, because you told me. Not that you needed to, because practically all the Maltese who emigrated there were Mintoffians. And that can only be a good thing, because imagine if you'd all stayed here. The frigging bastard would still be prime minister.]

About Dom Mintoff and his supporters:

[Daphne - Well, what do you expect. These people are scum of the earth too. That's why they like him so much.]

[Daphne - These are not arguments, anon, which is why I don't bother with them. Condescension? Perhaps you think I should treat these people as my equals. They are clearly not and they know it, which is the root cause of their malice and frustration. Grammar is my particular interest.]

About Dom Mintoff’s relatives:

[Daphne - I don't give a monkey's cuss in hell if they are "passing through sad times", just as they didn't give a cuss in hell and lived as far away as possible when their bastard father made other people's lives a misery back home in Malta.]

The very language and venom made me throw up a little in my mouth.

What’s disturbing is that her line of defence is all in the name of freedom of expression.

Excuse me, since when does freedom of expression mean that you can insult a deceased person by wishing him to rot in hell, and increase the sorrow already suffered by mourning friends and relatives? Since when does freedom of expression mean that one can publicise on the internet that certain people do not deserve to be treated as equals? (Hint, Norman Lowell, you have a point you can use as defence here!)Certainly Daphne isn’t the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to fundamental rights and freedom. She says she’s not religious, but for heaven’s sake even atheists have some kind of moral code – knowing of what’s right and wrong. There’s no need to be Catholic or even religious to have an inkling of morality, an inkling of how human beings behave in a civil manner. But then what would you expect, she couldn’t even raise her sons properly, with one of them trafficking drugs in the vicinity of a school!

Almost funny is how when she couldn’t criticise grammar, spelling or reply to the actual argument, she’d post telling the commenter to contact Dr Franco Debono and giving out his personal mobile number! Oh my, oh my the extent a sick mind goes down the drain! She wrote down his mobile number at least 4 or 5 times in her bold font replies. Is that freedom of expression as well? I wonder.

What word describes the kind of person who has no morals?

Psychopath is the word you’re looking for. Psychopathy is defined as having no regard for the rights or feelings of others, it is a personality disorder in psychology. When a psychopath is confronted, he or she will blame the victim or somebody else.


AP Psychology.
What’s even sicker is that not before long she’ll be gloating at the amount of hits on her website. Just the same way she did when not long ago the deceased was in hospital and she posted a similar blog saying how she’d crack open champagne and get ready to piss on his grave.. Her sick mind is all after fame. Even if it’s of the wrong kind. She already started in the same blog saying how she just approved 200 replies and still has more than 300 pending. Perhaps it’s to get a better deal with her sponsor www.maltashopper.com? School-girl mentality of the extreme warped version. Definitely sad to see on a woman pushing her 50′s.


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Vincent Farrugia, ABC, DCG, JB etc…who would you believe now?

So one fine day a person by the name of Sandro Chetcuti got accused of the attempted homicide of another person by the name of Vincent Farrugia.

Some months later, somehow and somewhat, the charge of “murder” had to be amended to one of “attempted bodily harm”. So far so good.

Even more months later when the trial actually started, the alleged victim Vincent Farrugia (a PN candidate and also Director General of the General Retailers and Traders Union (GRTU)) asked that the court views all the private messages on his mobile phone by demanding that the SIM card of his phone gets exhibited in court.

The defence lawyer quite intelligently countered the argument by saying that hence ALL phone messages should be available to the court, even those inside the memory of the phone and not just those inside the SIM card.

As a result, Vincent Farrugia’s phone got confiscated.

And here are the messages found in his phone. I publish these thanks to the newspaper MaltaToday, with all messages wholly reproduced spelling mistakes and all. No other newspaper had the guts to publish them:

Vincent Farrugia to Jean-Karl (his son and also the lawyer defending him):
Jan I’m thinking it’s better that I set the ball rolling u nixhed l-ewwel jien ghax I’m worried the others are mixing up and they are not saying that he was screaming at me “noqtlok, noqtlok as he was hitting me. And can’t belie they did not hear him” what do you think? Talk to Kris u fil-kas talk to Prosection toi call me first.”

What went on between Vincent Farrugia (left) and Philip Fenech (right):

GRTU vice-president Philip Fenech to GRTU President Vincent Farrugia:“No you wont I have the commissioner on our side he helped all the way called me about 4 times… The AC told me they are very strong and credible now I hope the doctors report is to..I will guide them what to be careful for when testifying and Manwels ways ! Leave it all to me the police will be helping us..luckelly we have very honest ones of the few left..I worked with them so I am home.”

Vincent Farrugia to Philip Fenech:
“Philip check with Jean if Sandro is in fact in Kordin.This morning he ordered Manwel Mallia toi make sure he does not sleep at Kordin.So money probably is already moving. If he did not tel Mario to pass on to Daphne. We must watch moves on a day by day. The pig must roast!”
Fenech confirmed that the message concerned GRTU official Mario Debono, whom the defence has established as having been a middleman to provide fodder for Malta Independent columnist Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blogs targeting Sandro Chetcuti. 

Philip Fenech to Vincent Farrugia:
Yes I am aware of all this..I am impressed how street wise you are..I have over 35years of night life sitting on the balcony seeing all these moves come out at the bar while they are on alcohol! Do not worry I am focused on this I have all the commissioners help and  Abraham..he will have to watch out on his corrupted people..cause they do anything for money hence all the drugs in there ! The director is strong on principle..the guy that killed himself inside was given a strong order of detention by him for causing trouble. I still have to work out how his father in law will act because I think he is still on the prison board!!
Abraham Zammit is the acting director for Corradino Prisons.

Philip Fenech to Vincent Farrugia:
And never underestimate Sandro. The flood of silly comments on Timesofmalta.com are all organised but read Lou Bondi Sunday Times tomorrow. I still did not give them a photo. The trial will start soon they’l have enough then. Noel and Herman shoed me there piece and our lawyers vetted them. Better like this. Hope DCG MA TAFFIGIEX.

Vincent Farrugia to Philip Fenech:
And The timesofmalta.com comments must be organised as Lou, Noel and Matthew Vella [maltatoday.com.mt editor] all told me messages of sympathy keep pouring in and out there hardly anyone says a good word for him. And I’ve been inundated with messages.anyway the trial hasn’t even started. Inti also keep Joe warm. Din it-tfajla/sinjura li ghandu gdida tafha? She a smart chick BOV divorsee.

Vincent Farrugia to Philip Fenech:
Ok he told me. Talk to Guido as he has influence on Manwel Mallia. Tell him how serious this was. Tell him how he is treathening people dwar meta jitla il-labour.

Philip Fenech to Vincent Farrugia:
Ok will do..just hope Gwido will remain here till the end when we can talk.

 In previous sittings, SMS messages sent out by GRTU director-general Vince Farrugia in the wake of his assault show he was in contact with Mario Debono, asking him to influence Malta Independent columnist Daphne Caruana Galizia to undermine his aggressor Sandro Chetcuti in her blog.

Daphne Caruana Galizia and Andrew Borg Cardona have insisted up to this day that there’s no hidden hand which commands them what they write (even though they mostly do a copy/paste of each other’s blogs).

Weirdly enough though, it’s nearly 2 days past these news and neither DCG nor ABC have retaliated stamping their feet saying that those sms’s aren’t portraying the truth.

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Dear Richard….Regards, Lawrence

Disclaimer: lest I be accused of plagiarism, this is a parody of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blogged post. The original is quoted at the end of this blog post.

Ghaziz Richard, qed inwiegbek wara l-ikla kirxa li gawdejna flimkien….

Lawrence Gonzi’s total lack of breeding screams out from the letter he sent to Richard Cachia Caruana accepting his resignation.

And I’m not talking only about the content, or the gesture itself.

What gets me most is that it begins ‘Ghaziz Richard’ (Dear Richard) and ends ‘Inselli ghalik u ghal familja tieghek, Lawrence’ (Best regards to you and your family, Lawrence).

What a klutz.

Who brought him up? And how can he possibly have lived for 60 years and became Prime Minister without acquiring the knowledge that formal letters demand formal language?

Was Richard Cachia Caruana’s resignation letter addressed to ‘Dear Lawrence’ and signed off ‘Regards, Richard’? No, it was not.

Moreover, he has no clue of written etiquette, which should be given priority especially when the author is the Prime Minister of the country . Assuming both parties have a reasonable grasp of either language, one should reply using the language of the original letter.

Lawrence Gonzi ignored not only protocol but even basic etiquette, and replied to Richard Cachia Caruana’s letter (which was appropriately addressed to “The Prime Minister” and not to “Dear Lawrence) by using the Maltese equivalent of “Dear Richard” i.e. “Ghaziz Richard”.

People like Lawrence Gonzi bring everything to the level of ridicule, not least themselves.
Click on the picture below for a larger version.

DCG: two weights, two measures.

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Malta. a.k.a. North Korea. Just shut up and work for GonziPN. Or else.

Mela sewwa, fil-50 sena li hija hajja din il-bniedma DCG Alla jbierek qatt ma rat xejn hazin f’Dr Emmanuel Mallia. Pero issa ghax Dr Mallia ghazel PL, gie ddemonizzat. Tiddeskrivieh bhala “a sleazy criminal lawyer”. Qisu HU l-kriminal u mhux il-klijent. Jew ahjar nghidu, ma sabitx f’hiex tiddemonizzah ghalhekk qed tivvinta stejjer fuqu, fuq martu u fuq it-tliet uliedu (m’iniex ser nidhol fid-dettalji hawnhekk ghax vera skifuzi l-affarijiet li qalet fuq il-familja Mallia u onestament niddizgusta ruhhi nirrepetihom).

Ejjew nassumu li din ilha splogger minn mindu kellha 20 (ma nafx pero li hu maghruf zgur hu li ghaddiet minn teenage pregnancy miskina, u ta’ 19 kellha tizzewweg ragel 10 snin akbar minnha). Imma dak mhux il-punt. Anki fuq JPO, qatt ma qalet kelma kontrih. Lanqas fil-kwistjoni tal-Mistra. Sakemm ma offriex kritika kostruttiva lil GonziPN u gieghel lil PN jghaddi ligi (tad-divorzju) li Lawrence Gonzi kien totalment kontra. Ehh issa JPO miskin qed jigi deskritt bhala ribell u maverick.

L-istess haga – Franco Debono ilu membru parlamentari mil-2003. Qatt inkiteb xi haga kontrih jew li twaqqghu ghaz-zufjett minn ambaxxatrici tal-partit tieghu stess, bhal dil-hamallagni prima klassi t’hawn taht? Il-klikka ta’ GonziPN kollha kemm huma qed jattakkaw il-karattru u personalita’ ta Dr Franco Debono. Illum. Pero ma nahsibx li il-karattru ta Dr Debono inbidel mil-lejl ghan-nhar minn ftit xhur ilu? Ghax ma jammettux li ma jistghux ghaliha li bniedem minn ta’ gewwa jurihom fejn vera marru zmerc? Dak hu li ghamlu Dr JPO u Dr FD. Mhux sew li jpattuha qares talli fethu ghajnejn il-partit.

Rigward Luciano Busuttil l-istess, blogg wara l-iehor tizzuffjetta bl-isem tad-dar tieghu. Ovvjament ghax ma sabet xejn aktar ma x’hiex taqbad. Pero’ mbaghad tkompli billi ssemmi lil uliedu u l-iskola fejn jattendu. Halli jigu ttimbrati u bbuljati ghax hekk taf kif tipprova ssikket lil missierhom. Tal-misthija! L-istess haga kif ghamlet fuq mart u ulied Dr Emmanuel Mallia.

Hija vera hasra li hadd mill-GonziPN apologists indunaw li kull ma sar kien ghall-gid tal-partit taghhom stess. Daru fuqhom, u talli fethu ghajnejn GonziPN issa qed jippruvaw ikissruhom.

Imbghad ighajru lill-PL li jekk jitla’ se jmexxi l-pajjiz bhal ma kien jaghmel Kim Jong Il.

U le…

Pacenzja nafu li fl-ahhar il-qarnita ddur ghal subghajha, imma hawnhekk din il-qarnita ghandha xi virus li qed jattakkalha mohhha..

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Our Prime Minister, Dr Franco Debono

Dr Lawrence Gonzi will go down in Maltese history as a puppet PM led by the nose.
We all know why bulls have nose-rings and it isn’t because Dr Gonzi resembles a bull (far from it!) but because Franco Debono has successfully snapped a virtual nose-ring on him, months ago.

Pulling it will hurt so much that even a fierce bull would subdue and follow.

It’s clear  that Franco Debono always meant business. He wants to remain in power in order to effect the legislative changes which are priorities. Good for him, he’s entitled to his own opinion as to what’s a priority and what’s not. After all, he isn’t asking for anything outrageous but only for the introduction of  laws which have been in force in other EU member states for a long time, which incidentally is one of the reasons why I can’t understand all the hate and storms in teacups created every time he spoke. He won’t get the legislative changes he’s fighting for if he topples the government, so it goes without saying that he will never do so. He’s a clever guy.

But there’s the  “or else” factor  looming like a dark cloud over GonziPN meaning that Franco will be getting his way. All the time. Whether Lawrence Gonzi wants or not. And hello, isn’t Lawrence Gonzi supposed to be the Prime Minister?
What’s surprising to many is why Lawrence Gonzi chooses to remain in this very embarrassing position. Embarrassing for himself personally, embarrassing for himself as Prime Minister and embarrassing Malta. He’s in a hole, he’s holding the spade, and instead of filling it up he’s in he’s obeying orders and digging even deeper. Lawrence Gonzi and his minions appear all the more stupid for ostracising and demonising Franco Debono and his family to boot. Come on, it’s not as if this MP is petitioning to legalise hard drugs or abortion! Daphne Cachia Caruana Galizia even went to the extent of using the word ‘whore’ to describe – wait for it – Dr Debono’s mother of all people! Well, it’s not surprising coming from her, but doesn’t the Prime Minister realise that condoning such insults make him appear even more nauseating than DCG?

[Before DCG pipes up saying that anyone wants her to stop writing, NO. Please continue. I like hearing your opinion. What's immoral is attacking and demonising private people in your blog, like the parents, girlfriends, children, cousins or any friends or relatives of public personas with the aim of bullying these people and hence force  the public person in question to "shut up"from expressing his opinion  or else their innocent friends and relatives will get bullied mercilessly on the internet in public for anybody to search and read even years from now. Actually, for the PL's sake you should keep on justifying the means to achieve your ends and continue the irrational bullying. Do not worry, it won't put the PN in bad light for condoning you! Ha-ha!]

Is it possible that Lawrence Gonzi isn’t realising all of this? Or perhaps he is too much of a wimp to stand up for himself?  That would be amazing. Not even Alfred Sant stooped so embarrassingly low but chose dignity over power after only 22 months as Prime Minister!
It makes more sense suspecting that there might have been somebody else more powerful than Franco Debono who got hold of the bull first. And who got hold of it from the testicles.  The idea of being forced gives a better sense of respect and security than that of seeing one’s own PM as a spineless wimp clung to remain in office at all cost.

The longer the PN clings to  power, the more painfully evident the Franco Debono factor becomes,  the deeper Lawrence Gonzi will dig his hole and the greater the PL victory will follow afterwards.
Hence it makes no sense assuming that the PL might have an interest or advantage were elections called now or within less than a year’s time. If any, the later the better.

The PL has been in opposition since 1987 now. That’s 25 years bar 22 months 16 years ago when the government then also had a one seat majority, a back-bencher disagreed with a Cottonera project (good for him since he was entitled to his opinion), then the PN in opposition agreed with this back-bencher that it was outrageous for Cottonera be sacrificed in such hideous manner (hey, is it just me or is there a sense of deja’ vu here?) and Dr Alfred Sant, not wanting to go down in history as being a puppet PM let by the nose called for general elections. That’s where the deja’ vu ends. Even more so since once in power guess what went first on the PN’s agenda ? Yes. That same ‘hideous’  Cottonera project they had voted against while on the opposition benches. Talk about principles. Their only aim was to bring down the government of the day,  Cottonera my ass. Unbelievable hypocrisy.

I have to take my hat off to Franco Debono for proving himself to be not only more clever than the Prime Minister but even cleverer than the bottoms heating up the seats of parliament on GonziPN’s side.

No wonder Lawrence Gonzi can’t even function as Prime Minister and is searching for people online to replace him a day at a time, giving an iPad as a reward!


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A potential prime minister should be judged by his looks

Perhaps any further comment would be superfluous.

Let’s agree with Daphne (with the flat ‘a’) for once, who wrote an entire splog saying how a future PM needs to have, using her own erm, words, ‘sax appeal’.

What’s more, she insists that a male in his 30′s is unfit to be a prime minister because, wait for it, he’s middle-aged!

Sometimes I wish I don’t live on this planet anymore.


[click on any of the following pictures to enlarge them]

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“It’s Bouquet, for heaven’s sake. BOUQUET!” And Daphne with a flat ‘A’. Just SAY it. Please DO mention my name!

I see a certain similarity between Daphne Caruana Galizia and Franco Debono.

They both think they’re in the limelight. That they’re the hot-topic of the day. The only problem there is that Dr Debono is, and quite justifiably, but DCG? Oh please.

Daphne’s (pronounce that with a flat ‘A’) latest obsession is that everybody in the media is talking and referring to her continually. She’s just so frustrated that nobody’s mentioning her name. And guess why? Because all the news reporters, bloggers and opinion writers on the island can’t figure out how to pronounce the flat ‘A’ in her name.

As if her flat ‘A’ needs to be written differently…

Paranoia anyone?

And this is the very worst bit: my first name has a flat ‘a’, a vowel sound which doesn’t exist in Maltese and which is unpronounceable by people who grew up speaking only that language. Vowel sounds are learned only in childhood or never at all. The most you can hope for after childhood is a close approximation.

They never say my name because they can’t pronounce it and they know I will laugh at them.

Oh what a terrible humiliation, having Daphne (with the flat ‘A’) laugh at you because you didn’t pronounce her name correctly! (sic)

Excuse me ma’m, if you’re so sure that your name is unpronounceable by any local person then deal with it!

Better go and learn how to pronounce the latest trending names yourself, rather than blogging about how “stupid” names like Byron, Cleavon, Gail, Jamie and Lyon and various other mainstream British and foreign names sound in the language you barely half-learned to speak and comprehend.

Let’s hear you speak one day. Rather than poking fun at Dr Yana Mintoff for her foreign accent notwithstanding her great command of the Maltese language. We’re terribly eager to see you on TV – even if it’s GonziPlus or XaraPaNk – explaining how your name should be pronounced and correcting Dr Yana’s foreign accent.

The only other person we ever heard of having your same issue was Mrs. Bucket who insisted on having her surname pronounced as Bouquet. And thankfully she wasn’t for real but a fictitional character from BBC comedies.

We have fun reading your blog Mrs. Bouquet. Especially where you start insisting fervently that you are not of menopausal age and you are not middle-aged.
And in the same sentence you refer to people in their 30′s as middle-aged.
As long as they’re not PN activists or supporters.
We’ve never heard you describe people like Wayne Hewitt as middle-aged, balding, or for using hair gel to try to . We wonder why?

We also never heard you make fun of the Hewitt family because a good half of them can’t write their last name properly. Log into your facebook alias and check out for yourself. Half his family writes their surname as Hewitt and the other half write it down as Hewett.

Do your research properly Daphne (with the flat ‘A’) before you blurt out your splogs and describe people in their early and mid-30′s as ‘middle aged’:

According to the current edition of the Oxford English Dictionary middle age is: “The period of life between young adulthood and old age, now usually regarded as between about forty-five and sixty.

You can’t bend the facts, no matter how much you wish to.

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And the mystery is solved!

Malta Today – Raphael Vassallo.

This is just an extract from an article where he covered a wider variety of topics.

There are indeed indications that the mood of rebellion may now have spread from Debono to some of his colleagues within the parliamentary group. And if the rumour is anything to go by, these would include a certain Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and Jesmond Mugliett, both of whom have been singled out for particularly savage attacks by the madwoman of Bidnija this week, in spite of their apparent ‘support’ for the beleaguered Prime Minister.

Yes, indeed. As mastermind political strategies go, I must say this one takes the goddamn biscuit. Let’s try and work it out, shall we? So Gonzi’s government is now hanging by a thread – on this, at least, I think we can all agree – and the only thing keeping that thread from snapping is the continued collaboration of ALL his backbenchers… one of whom has already declared his loss of confidence in Gonzi, and another two (if not more) could very easily flip at any given moment. Why, what better way to handle such a delicate and precarious situation, than to turn your media pit-bull loose on the very same people you now depend on for your own survival? And without whose support you will have already lost the race before the starting pistol is even fired…?

Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s my fault for always expecting things to make at least a tiny bit of sense. Perhaps I attribute too much intelligence and clear strategic thinking, to situations characterised by the conspicuous absence of both. But in the 15 years I’ve been closely following Maltese politics – during the course of which I have witnessed any amount of daft and stupid things – nothing quite competes with Daphne Caruana Galizia’s sustained attacks on Jeffrey and Jesmond this past week (not to mention their children/wives/mothers/mothers-in-law – delete where appropriate) for sheer, demented nonsensicality.

I mean, seriously. What on earth could she possibly have hoped to gain, by egging on two visibly irate backbenchers, and practically daring them to launch themselves headlong into the Franco revolution?

Hang on, wait: that was a silly question – it presumes that there is still a vestige of sanity left in that particular head, despite the staggering, overwhelming evidence to the contrary. No, the real question ought to be: what does Lawrence Gonzi and/or the Nationalist Party hope to gain, by permitting such attacks on the very people whose support is so desperately needed if they are to cling on to power? How can this strategy possibly translate into anything but defeat, for a man who has already lost his parliamentary majority… and therefore cannot realistically afford to piss off any more of his already exasperated colleagues…?

Honestly, I have looked at this question from every conceivable angle, and there is not a single one that makes even an iota of sense… unless, of course, it is all part of a sinister and bizarrely far-fetched plot, hatched by the madwoman herself to destroy Gonzi utterly (for reasons that require a dark and twisted mind to even begin to understand).

And then, out of nowhere, it suddenly hit me. There is an explanation for the otherwise nonsensical state of affairs; an explanation only makes sense when viewed in the context of LOSS (which, let’s face it, is exactly what the present political situation is all about).

OK, we are now leaving the realm of rumour and gossip, and entering instead the territory of conjecture and interpretation. According to my interpretation (this being my column, and all), Lawrence Gonzi has not only managed to lose his one-seat majority in the House of Representatives; he has now also lost what little control he might once have had over the monster he and his henchmen created in their secret core strategy laboratory.

I can see it all now: that classic ‘Houston we have a problem’ moment, when Gordon Pisani turns to the Prime Minister, and ashen-faced speaks unto him thus:

“Sir – Remember that top secret experiment we conducted some years ago? The one in which we created a hybrid media aberration that would instantly tear into all your political enemies – even friends, if they so much as dreamed of ever criticising you… and rip them limb to limb, before turning her attention to their mothers, their fathers, their children, their grand-children, and all their dead relatives, and so on ad infinitum? Well, she’s kind of lost the plot, I’m afraid. It seems she is no longer responding to our commands, and is now simply attacking everyone and everything, whether it’s in our interest or not. I fear it’s only a matter of time before she finally turns on us, too…”

To which Lawrence, equally ashen-faced, promptly replies:

“I see. Tell Richard to get the escape pod ready. We’ll start the evacuation procedure immediately…”

Ah yes. It’s all so… predictable, isn’t it? In a B-movie kind of way, I mean. But back to reality, and the Prime Minister’s now total loss of control – of parliament, of government, of his own media strategy: in short, of everything – is now becoming more painstakingly visible by the minute. Remember, for instance, how just last Sunday Lawrence Gonzi made a public appeal for ‘all personal attacks’ on Franco Debono to stop? Well… not only did the personal attacks spectacularly fail to stop as requested; but they actually intensified alarmingly over the next few days, reaching a rough tally of around 15 a day (and counting).

It’s almost as though there was a sort of warped reverse psychology at work behind the scenes: on the rare occasion that Gonzi actually makes his intentions rather clear… what happens, if not the very opposite of what he actually wants to happen?

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Andrew Borg Cardona’s extra-sensory perceptions

Many people are right when they comment about how the standards of the Times of Malta have fallen these past years.

It’s incredible.
The questions which were put to Joseph Muscat during a genuine interview are in bold.
The answers following are not Joseph Muscat’s genuine answers but what Dr Andrew Borg Cardona “mind-read” through immense extra-sensory efforts of his.

ABC reading Joseph Muscat's mind

In reality what he wrote is only a failed attempt at satire to cover up what would otherwise be putting his own words in Joseph Muscat’s mouth.

The answers which ABC  “mind-read” out of Joseph Muscat, are nothing but what ABC and his ilk so desperately wish the rest of the Maltese population to believe.

Like their theory of attributing Franco Debono’s actions to old school rivalry with Joseph Muscat rather than due to being fed up with the flawed ‘puppet-on-a-string’ leadership maneuvered by a clique within the PN. The most laughably unlikely of theories: sure, Franco Debono destroyed his very own future with the PN out of spite against Joseph Muscat. Oh, and he did so also in order to become a minister. Or was it, according to the last one by Beppe Fenech Adami, that he did so in order to become Prime Minister and to make Beppe minister for justice?

Here’s ABC’s mind-reading session reproduced below to spare you clicking other links. The author still thinks that the Maltese population has a lower IQ than a hen. And that the elite creme de la creme PN clique have a higher IQ than the back-benchers of Parliament. Wishful thinking dott! We know parrots and parroting have become fashionable lately but please next time try writing something funnier instead of parroting what’s being churned out by the PN propaganda machine.

I hope ABC takes this criticism of mine in good stride and doesn’t get overly offended. Like his blog-mate Daphne he’s quite an excellent writer as long as politics is not a topic, I’m not being ironic here because I do respect their eloquence and ways of tackling a topic.
However at the very mention of politics both come out as subtle, objective, reasonable and believable as Squidward writing on Spongbob’s best features*,  hence undoing the reputation they’ve been building for years within a couple of minutes. One has to admit that political satire is far from being their forte.

For your convenience and reading pleasure, I’ve reproduced the question in bold, after which the Thoughts of the Leader appear.  For the actual answer given, you’ll have to do your own digging.

The timing of the vote of no confidence is being interpreted by the PN as a sign of hunger for power on your behalf. Don’t you think this PN strategy could eventually work against you? Hmm, he knows I didn’t really think this one through, especially with Franco starting to mess me around again – I should have been nicer to him at St Aloysius…

The PN only called a vote of no confidence the following March and that was linked to Mr Mintoff’s abstention to a vote on foreign policy. You’ve pounced at the opportunity after a couple of weeks.  What do you mean, it’s already been a couple of weeks?  I want to be Prime Minister and I want to be it now, darn it…

So you’re saying the PN should also have called a vote of no confidence in late 1997.  Well, if they had, we wouldn’t be messing around, I’d be Prime Minister already, but I can’t say that…

How will the Labour Party react if Franco Debono abstains from Thursday’s vote? I shouldn’t say we’ll weep and wail and we’ll stamp our feet, should I? Oh well, back to the instability issue: I wish he’d get off this tack.

Are you saying the situation will remain unresolved even if Dr Debono supports the government on Thursday? Get off this line, already – I can’t bear to think what will happen if Franco doesn’t bring the Government crashing down next week, I need to be PM and I need it now. I’ll spin the investment line, that always sounds good.

The PL has evidently jumped on the Debono bandwagon. Be honest, do you think Debono’s demands and ways are justified?  Does this guy think I’m a total idiot?  It’s only the Lil’Elves, bless’em, who think Franco makes sense – I’ve known him too long – flipping heck, way too long – to risk being seen in the same neck of the woods as him.

How would you react if one of your MPS acts this way when you’re PM? I’ll belabour him or her about the head with a rolled up copy of the Orizzont, that’s what I’ll do, but I can’t say that, so it’s back to blaming Gooonzi.

Considering the global problems, does it pay the PL to go for an election now? Who does this guy think I am, Edward Scicluna or something. How the heck am I supposed to know about global problems, it’s all I can do to focus on local ones?  I’ll just say we’re ready to govern, no-one will know different and by the time we’re in, it will be too late.

At what point has your electoral manifesto reached? Again, does this guy not know who I am?  Better dump it onto Karmenu Vella, he’s old enough not to mind taking the blame.

You said the PL is the underdog in this election.  Damn it, are they never going to let me forget this one?  Yes, we’re the underdog, because the electorate isn’t stupid and it’s made it clear to us so many times that I’ve lost count.

You might say you’re not taking things for granted, but in the party there’s strong optimism. MP George Vella has even referred to you as the “Prime Minister”. Well, wasn’t he right to do so?  He’ll have to get used to it … but wait, I can’t look over-confident, dial it back.

MEP Simon Busuttil said: “Muscat walks like a Nationalist, talks like one. He even dresses up like one. But he does not have PN policies. Correction – he does not have any policies.” Do you have policies?  Policies?  Now there’s an interesting idea, I suppose we should get some.  I wonder if I can remind people I used to be in Brussels, maybe they’ll forget I tried so hard not to be.

So are you saying the government’s track record on the economy – which is its biggest propaganda call – false?  Ouch, this one hurts, I’ll just chuck him a one-liner “Ask the people out there” will sound nice.

Do you fear the people might ultimately vote for continuity, a ‘ safe’ government for the economy?  Have I been talking in my sleep or something – what do you think is one of my biggest fears?  I’ve got to get the house swept again, the klikka must have bugged it.  All I can do is waffle, and I’m even starting to bore myself.  I’ll tell him to look at our track record.

What track record? You’re in Opposition and you only get a track record when you’re put to the test.  Bugger, I didn’t think of that answer – time to wheel out the past, and when they shove it back in our faces, I’ll rely on the chorus-girls to screech that we’re living in the present.

What’s the first thing your government will do for the economy? Bingo, water and electricity diversion time.

Last November, you had told me you will divulge the plans on how to slash rates when the time is right. With an early election looking likely, is it the right time? Keep hoping, chummy, I’m not as stupid as some of my Lil’Elves sound.

‘When the time is right.’ When is the time right?  And now for one of my specials: “The time is right when it will be right.”   Hang on, is that an oxymoron?  No, it’s a statement of the bleedin’ obvious, so that’s ok then.

When? Weeks, months before the election?  Enough of this, shut up. Shut up, shut up, shut up.

Almost always, elections will also be fought on the strength of the leaders. Will your young age put you at a disadvantage with voters?  And your point is?  Stand by to be dazzled with a good dose of “me, me, me”, if Franco can do it, I can do it standing on my head, although he got better marks than me in Form Two.

What would you tell those voters who are saying the PL cannot guarantee the continuity they clamour? Now there’s a thought, people not thinking I’m the best thing since sliced bread.  How could they?  Back to the stability line, I like it.

And you are ready to govern. Gagging for it, matey, gagging for it.

* Squidward Quincy Tentacles is SpongeBob and Patrick’s next-door neighbor; an ill-tempered, grouchy octopus with a large nose and a rather snobby attitude. He adores playing his cherished clarinet, which he has been shown to bring to bed with him at night sometimes, and loves to paint self-portraits in all sorts of different artistic styles, which he hangs up all around the walls of his Easter Island head house. He abhors SpongeBob and Patrick for their irritating, disruptive personalities and would rather lead a peaceful life as a famed musician and painter instead of as a cashier at the Krusty Krab, which is his current occupation. Source.


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Vince Farrugia used Daphne Caruana Galizia to hit out at Sandro Chetcuti – defence

Straight from the mouth of a local paper unaffiliated with any political party (click here for more details):


The SMS messages sent out by GRTU director Vince Farrugia in the wake of his assault show he was in contact with a third party, asking him to influence Malta Independent columnist Daphne Caruana Galizia to undermine his aggressor Sandro Chetcuti in her blog, the defence counsel told the court in the compilation of evidence against Chetcuti.

Lawyer Manwel Mallia was reacting to an objection by Farrugia’s legal counsel, who asked the court presiding over the prosecution of Sandro Chetcuti, to ban the publication of his client’s SMS text messages in the press.

The text messages, which have been published in MaltaToday, are part of the evidence brought by the defence in the prosecution of former GRTU director Sandro Chetcuti, who is accused with the attempted murder of Farrugia after assaulting him in the Valletta offices of the GRTU.

Dr Chris Busietta, appearing in parte civile for Farrugia, said a newspaper was publishing “irrelevant details” and defying a court order by publishing the text messages.

Chetcuti’s defence lawyer Manwel Mallia hit back at Busietta, saying the text messages revealed Vince Farrugia’s “manipulative” character.

“Who do you people think you are? Where do you think are in, a communist state? What is your client trying to hide?” Mallia said.

“The text messages show how Vince Farrugia tried to influence the media and amplify a simple case of slight injury into attempted murder,” Mallia said.

Mallia added that the texts show Vince Farrugia was in contact with a third party, urging him to instruct Malta Independent columnist and blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia to hit out at Sandro Chetcuti, himself, and other people.

“This is filth and Vince Farrugia wants to hide from it but he can’t hide from it and I won’t let him use a GRTU publication to continue his campaign,” Mallia said, referring to a recent outburst against Mediatoday managing editor Saviour Balzan in the GRTU’s pamphlet.

“I will defend every journalist’s right to publish the material Vince Farrugia himself chose to write… this is what you get in a communist state, using power and influence to get your way against people.”

Mallia also accused Vince Farrugia of using Caruana Galizia to fuel her blog in using is to “destroy other people and spread venom… so who wants to stop the media now? Is Vince Farrugia regretting it?”

I’ll leave it to the readers  to conclude whether Daphne Caruana Galizia writes her articles independently to reflect her own thoughts. Or whether she’s guided or sadly manipulated by other people who dicatate what to write and on whom.

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So it’s Franco Debono who’s insane, huh? (An open letter to Daphne Caruana Galizia and her mentors.)

Oh and while you’re at it, add to the mélange Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Jesmond Mugliett, John Dalli, Robert Arrigo, Jean Pierre Farrugia, Guido De Marco (RIP), and even other people not having ever formed part of parliament like Robert Musumeci and John Bundy.

They’re all insane. Bat-shit crazy people who dare have a different opinion to that of Dr Lawrence Gonzi our Great Leader!

And guess who declared so?

To add insult to injury, just today  Dr Austin Gatt parroted back her very same words to the public.

It seems to be fashionable to play parrot lately. . .

DCG: Austin, repeat after me “Franco Debono is insane”.
Austin: “Franco Debono is insane.  .  Franco Debono is insane.  .  Franco Debono is insane.  .

I have great respect for women especially those older than my own mother, as you are. So don’t interpret my blog as being somehow racist against menopausal women in their early 50′s or so because I’m just stating the facts here.

It’s not normal for a person to churn out 140 (yes an entire one hundred and forty) blog posts in less than 15 days. That comes up to 10 or 11 articles a day. Assuming you sleep for eight hours like a normal person does, in your 16 hours awake you write a blog every 30 or 40 minutes. Add to that having to moderate heavily the posts which you choose to show to your readers, being very careful to remove all those which might instil some doubt to your argument or for which you don’t have an answer, and keeping the ones with enough spelling and grammar mistakes so that you can spend even more minutes and hours criticising at length focusing on ‘ignorance’, ‘elvishness’, or whatever you call it  . . .

Daphne, are you even living your life? Are you enjoying any life at all? Are you doing anything else worth in your life in those 30 minutes between each blog? Writing continually on the same topics with no break in between. . .  hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year can’t do good to your psyche.

The only difference is the dangling cigarette and the lack of a glass of good Merlot. So be careful, or you might grow a beard! *wink*

Don’t misinterpret me please. I do not want to “stop you” or to have you accuse me of anything fictitional like having the PL wanting to stop you or whatever.. As you usually say, KIJP IT APP, and that’s what I say too: you’re the best asset the PL can have.  Go – go – go . . .  . . Daphne you’re the best!

But politics apart, do take care of yourself too. An intelligent person like yourself doesn’t deserve to remain stuck in a rut like this.

By the way, I also wrote all this in less than 2 minutes.  Add to that the couple of seconds needed to search for the images and have them uploaded here (thanks Melita for the great service).  But to spend all your waking time working on a blog, thinking about nothing else during the entire day, and probably dreaming about it while asleep? No way, thanks. Even if one’s really sane, he or she won’t remain so for long after 4 years without any break.

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What being a politician means for the P.N.

One gaffe after the other:

Literally translated, the above headline is accusing Franco Debono of wanting to eat all the ‘food’ by himself.

A large freudian slip which unfortunately shows what being a politician means to the PN.

On being elected they are seated at a buffet table full of nice ‘goodies’.

In their vain effort to discredit Franco Debono, a new accusation cropped up: that of wanting to take all the ‘goodies’ for himself.

Weren’t it so sad that our politicians think of their job as a “plate of goodies” one might even start pitying them for fighting on who gets allowed to grab the most lucrative morsels.
This is in stark contrast to the same Franco Debono’s declaration that for him being a politician means he’s there to serve, and not to be served.

Quite some food for thought (no pun intended), what do you think?

And by the way, it’s “jrid” not “irid” because Debono ends with a vowel. And also, “mill-platt” not “mil-platt”, the latter doesn’t even exist unless the word to which the article refers starts with an “l” and everyone knows very well that the word “platt” starts with a “p”. Ahem..


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